Heya folks! I... accidentally wrote a roleplaying game last night for @stroganoff's RPG group??

It's intended to be a rules-light, embeddable simulation of games like D&D; we used it to play as our LANCER characters playing D&D or some equivalent system. It's one sheet, including all the basic content like spells and weapons; you'll probably want to add some more.

It's at least not completely broken, since we were able to use it for a game, but please let me know if you try it out and find anything that doesn't work well!

Check it out here:

@norae the "crit" bit on Magic Shield means "more than one 5 or 6 in combat", I'm guessing?

also I like this! It feels especially well suited to something like a game-in-a-game situation, where other sessions of the inner game are happening off camera

gonna see how many of our D&D characters we can make analogues of

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@norae I just realized that this system represents saying "yes recursing"

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@norae General comment, not specific to any character: for character creation, we really like the way you have "here's what you get for each stat" on the front page and "here's how many of this category of thing you get" on the back page

it makes it easy for us to look at the front page and decide stats based on what they give you, then look at the back page and see how many things we bought

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