psychosis & hallucinations discussion +, boostable 

Hey masto friends! I 💧 am curious about whether other people who experience psychosis or other hallucinations, hallucinate positive, cute, or otherwise enjoyable things?

Obviously hallucinations are no joke, and many things we hallucinate can be confusing or scary, but we're grateful to also hallucinate things like cute black/shadowy cats who walk around in the distance, and occasionally come closer and do cute cat stuff!

What about you?

psychosis & hallucinations discussion +, boostable 

@norae my most common thing is usually shadow tigers tbh, and i guess generally it’s the “oh shit i’m seeing stuff” that causes me stress rather than the stuff itself which is pretty cool sometimes

re: psychosis & hallucinations discussion +, boostable 

@norae 💌​ We barely hallucinate anymore because of our anti-psychotics, but when we do it's usually these glowy worm-like things wriggling around on our eyes. It's not scary at all, it's more of an "eh, whatever" experience.

I read somewhere that it's a common hallucination for those with very early onset psychosis a long time ago. Might not be true, but it definitely checks out on our end.

psychosis & hallucinations discussion +, boostable 

@norae we personally would... insist certain things are not hallucinations*, but they most certainly fit the psychiatric definition for lack of any other explanation

and their presence is extremely positive, so yes

*in a context where we have also experienced uncommon but clear psychotic symptoms via PTSD, extreme anxiety, sleep disorder etc.

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