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@PHBS if you look under my post, there are a handful of other aphantasic systems in the responses :3


@HollyFromTheBox yeah, I can relate. That's why I'll learn DGS first. But being selectively mute and wanting to visit the US eventually, ASL is very attractive to me as well x3


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@HollyFromTheBox I'll probably try to learn ASL eventually too, just because I feel like it might come in handy as well, so maybe at one point we can talk to each other using ASL x3


@HollyFromTheBox sign languages are really cool! I'll learn the German one next week! :3


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I watched "Mind my Mind" with friends and they generally are quite considerate I believe. However after the movie they joked that apparently everybody of them was "very autistic" during parties, just like the protagonist of the movie during the party scene.

Dear people: When movies present autism in a way that is relatable to the uninitiated, do you think that rather raises awareness or rather trivialises autism?

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@PHBS thanks!
So do you feel "blind" in that context?
For us, both dreams and thoughts definitely do have a visual component and we react to it, it's just that we couldn't say what it even is. So it's like in dreams and thoughts we react to a visual stimulus that we don't truly see. It's like we still have the sense to see, but it's only wired to our reflexes and intuitive understanding of the world around us, but consciously we only see a blur or smudge of colors.
It sounds like it might be different for you? I'd love learning more about this, if you're willing to share. :3


@moonglow Thanks! Hope then day will be good nonetheless!


So... are there any aphantasic systems out there that have a headspace/innerworld/etc.?

I'm asking because a headmate of mine tried to build one but failed and I think it might be because we're almost aphantastic and he tried to visualize the innerworld.
So now I'm curious if aphatasic system can even have an innerworld and if so, if it is experienced differently from how non-aphatasic folks experience there innerworlds.


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Raindrops plinked against their synthetic casing. They held up their hand, watching the water make trails across it.

'Surely you've seen rain before,' said their friend.

'Many times,' they replied, still fascinated by the glistening beads on their casing. 'Just never had time to appreciate it before. Because of the directives.'

Their friend smiled. 'Well you've got time now.'

'I've got time now,' they agreed, and lifted their face to the sky.

#microfiction #TootFic

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