Regular reminder that nonbinary lesbians and bi/pan lesbians are valid as fuck no matter what bigots say

Everytime I front I'm like: "hey, time to hang out on plural cafe, post some cool stuff and shit."

And then I'm like "oh hey, looks I'm fronting again. It's been a while." And proceed to post nothing else.

Totally unrelated:
Oh hey, I'm fronting again. It's been a while.


Changed our bio to reflect my pronouns. They/them started feeling more right than the alternatives a while ago, but I wasn't fronting much so I could never really think it through.


If I remember to, I'll write about hair dye tomorrow. But now it's Kitty bed time πŸ’€


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Me: *wants to toot something*
Also me: *gets annoyed at the thought of having to type what I'd want to toot*
Also also me: *writes a meta toot instead*



poll for plural systems, :boost_requested: 

Singlet friendo asked if it's common for systems to have kid members so:

Does your system contain one or more members that are most likely under the age of 15?

my nicest pixel art yet 

that took such a long time, but isn't it cute ? :blobcatuwu:​

neo pronouns? i'm pretty sure in the movies he uses he/him

sui, warning 

There’s a video going around the internet of a man who killed himself live on TikTok. I’ve seen many people try to report the video but TikTok says it’s β€œnot against their terms of service” or whatever. Keep an eye out and be safe. I know if I saw that I’d be a wreck for weeks

mh - 

I'm very very worried about Wind :(


hi my gender is nervous and my pronouns are "uhhhh/okay/thanks"

Henlo, I was tired had an hour ago but now I'm wide awake and feel like talking a lot but should sleep and this is v rude, yes yes. x)


Normalize reading profiles before sending follow requests.

re: work, + 

@kaminohana I've been talking here into the office since I started working for this company. So for me, I did that even before the work from home time. But I guess if you're not working closely with the customers, IT is pretty chill about a lot of things. (Either that or extremely toxic, I rarely encounter or hear of inbetweens x) )

re: work, + 

@kaminohana I actually bring Firefox most places I go and have her sitting on my desk at work ever day - and if I need to fidget, I *will* grab her and I *will* play with her :D
Pretty lucky that my co-workers seem to think of this as a delightful quirk of mine or something :D


mh - 

Bad apodysphoria day :c


Ahhhhhh I love polyamory. And I love all our partners. Each of them is so amazing and incredible and I love them so much 😻😻

No I don't have any specific reason for this outburst, I just let my mind wonder and realized how awesome all our partners are. It's unbelievable *-*


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