I love celebrating my/the body's birthday. I'm so frustrated that I wasn't able to do that for two years in a row now.

One thing I really like about our birthday parties: having social anxiety ourself, we plan around that. The locations we celebrate in always are twice as large as they'd need to be and one half is purposefully a bit dimmer and quieter and more secluded. We have a bunch of people with social anxiety participating and a few people who easily half sensory overloads and they all love these parties in particular. I don't get why not more people plan their parties around that. At least to me this seems easy to do and helps some folks tremendously.

The other big thing I really love: we know tons of people and invite many of them. Usually we aim for about 30-40 guests. Many of them never meet each other besides these parties because their interests are so different and we're the only thing liking them. Yet they get together on these parties and start conversations with each other that usually aren't just what people consider small talk but go pretty in-depth about topics that interest them and they love to learn about new interesting topics.

We aren't proud of a lot of things, but how we curate our group of friends and how we set up our birthday parties definitely is one of those things.


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