Family, positive 

Today I meet my brother for the first time. He's our biological brother and being the former main host, to Lilly he has always her brother. I on the other hand was unsure if I consider him and the family *my* family.
Our brother however embraced me as his second sister a few months ago, making very clear that to him, I'm family too. I think he'd treat all of us like that and I think some of us wouldn't really like that, but I do.

Meeting him for the first real time in ages + meeting him as myself for the first time was nice. He was really sweet and tried his best to be aware that I'm not Lilly, trying to call me by my own name, not hers, and just in general trying to wrap his head around how we work as a system without being intrusive. It was really really nice :)

I (and we all) don't really inherently value family. We know too many people who have very shitty families and don't think it's something inherently special and important. But our core family (our brother and parents) are amazing people. Not perfect, but almost perfect for us. And they earned our respect and they treat us with respect and I'm really happy I can now actually feel like I'm a real part of this too.


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