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best part of working from home: i can work with a stuffed animal in my lap


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@kaminohana I actually bring Firefox most places I go and have her sitting on my desk at work ever day - and if I need to fidget, I *will* grab her and I *will* play with her :D
Pretty lucky that my co-workers seem to think of this as a delightful quirk of mine or something :D


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@nightsky_system honestly yeah with work from home culture people are a lot more chill about these sort of things than you would think! thankfully we dont have any video calls, just audio, but i think we'd see similar reactions
its just so good to be in such a comfy place with them and im glad youve got firefox with you!

re: work, + 

@kaminohana I've been talking here into the office since I started working for this company. So for me, I did that even before the work from home time. But I guess if you're not working closely with the customers, IT is pretty chill about a lot of things. (Either that or extremely toxic, I rarely encounter or hear of inbetweens x) )

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