So... are there any aphantasic systems out there that have a headspace/innerworld/etc.?

I'm asking because a headmate of mine tried to build one but failed and I think it might be because we're almost aphantastic and he tried to visualize the innerworld.
So now I'm curious if aphatasic system can even have an innerworld and if so, if it is experienced differently from how non-aphatasic folks experience there innerworlds.


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@nightsky_system my mom isn't plural (that we're aware of) but she is aphantasic, and has trauma, and she does actually have a rough concept of an innerworld that she escapes to sometimes when she is in distress, in the form of her grandpa's old house

she can't visualize, but she can still describe - the way she's explained it to me is that it is almost comparable to a text adventure in her head

she can't see the rooms, but she knows the relations between everything. she gets a stream of words that describe what she sees as she "walks" through it, the noises the floorboards make as she travels up or down the stairs, the smells in the kitchen, the textures of the carpet

these things are all tagged with descriptions of what they are, what they do, how they feel, with such detail that even if she can't mentally place herself there and have a facsimile of *feeling* those sensory inputs, of *being* there, like i could... it's enough, for her


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@ky0ko wow, thanks for that detailed description! :3


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