So... are there any aphantasic systems out there that have a headspace/innerworld/etc.?

I'm asking because a headmate of mine tried to build one but failed and I think it might be because we're almost aphantastic and he tried to visualize the innerworld.
So now I'm curious if aphatasic system can even have an innerworld and if so, if it is experienced differently from how non-aphatasic folks experience there innerworlds.


@nightsky_system this is something we've been wondering too, though i think adhd and foggy dissociation also plays a role for us. i'm sure it's possible, somehow!
we have a small vaguely-defined paracosm in mind, but it doesn't really function as a headspace. we don't know what we can do to make it feel real/vivid/clear/warm/solid/engaging/welcoming/active/immersive.

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