Hello :3

Firefox is wondering: are there any other systems out there with headmates that identify with another "body" than their hosts body?

Firefox knows that Firefox is in the same brain that Lilly, Gotos, Sara and Dexied use, but Firefox' body is a plushy. Lilly says that when Firefox moves around, Firefox is co-fronting in the human body to move the plushy body. Does anyone else have a headmate like Firefox?

(And yes, this is Firefox writing with the help of Lilly. Firefox just doesn't like pronouns and tries to avoid pronouns, even in first or second person.)


@nightsky_system We have a headmate named Sarah whose body is a stuffed bunny~

@nightsky_system we have an alter who is- somewhat like that? not completely tho. Fox is.. um. also a fox tho incidentally xD
but Fox really doesn’t like the human body, way too big and the wrong shape.

xe seems really connected to a fennec fox plush we bought after meeting them but i don’t think xe sees it as “xyr body” so to speak

definitely prefers to at least have the plush around tho (and would probably love to meet Firefox someday if Firefox wants a fox friend)

@hope_ft_did Firefox would love that as well! New friends are always nice :3


@nightsky_system None of us feel like this is our body, we just use it like pilots in a mech suit basically

@slimecactus Thanks for the response but that's not quite what Firefox was getting at. She actually has a physical body, but it's not this one. Instead it's a plushy.
Besides me (and to some degree Dexied) nobody in this system identifies with this body. But they don't have other bodies in this world either. That was what Firefox was getting at.
But again, thanks for the response! :)


Oh that's something that my friends in my system can relate to actually. We have a puppy plushie and one of them likes to hang out with whoever's fronting via the plushie. And my cousin does the same with our koi plushie.

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