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Time to expand upon our as we now know a bit more about the fifth member of our system!

Dexied (usually he/him, but he's agender and doesn't care about pronouns) is chaotic evil and currently testing the limits we set him. He is hostile towards his headmates but can't do any actually harm as Gotos prevents that. He's also a rare fronter.
Dexied is either part of a subsystem hosted by Gotos or a fictive from the same world as him or both. His name is pronounced liked "deceived" without the v and his emoji is ⚑.

We believe this might be all of us. Then again, we thought so when it was just Lilly, Gotos and Firefox. Time will tell.

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(Part 2 of the )

Firefox (she/her) is a child and never fully fronts - however, she often co-fronts to be able to move a plushy around which to us is her real body. She loves everything fluffy, music she can dance around to, cuddling and adventures - hiding under a blanket and playing that it is a cave will do just fine for thar. If she should write here, she'll sign with 🦊. She is not affiliated with the browser of the same name.

Sara Kathleen (she/her) - or just Sara for short - is a lonely little ball of anxiety. Yes we are aware that this sounds mean. No it's not intended to be mean. Yes she is okay with us describing her like that. She hasn't been aware of herself for very long and only knows that she likes sad goth music, not much else about herself except that she felt lonely for as long as she remembers. She signs with 🌌.


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So we finally have the time for an .

We are a system of at least 4, the body and our host are in their late 20s. We only realized we are plural (or rather median, we think) a few weeks ago.

Lilly (she/her) is our host and signs messages with πŸŒ†. She loves video games, making music, tabletop/pen and paper RPGs, complex board games, writing and way too many other things.

Gotos (he/him) is a protector and fictive in his own author's mind. He inspired many of Lilly's short stories, which to him feel like memories, not fantasy. He was a demigod in his world but was banished to this world by a full god. Loves hard goth-adjacent music, incense burning and started to learn contact juggling. He signs with πŸŒ‘.


Food containing meat 

Therapy (+) 

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Therapy (+) 

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Therapy (+) 

CW meta 

Gotos certainly has a dad-mode and gods I'm happy about that.
He cleaned major parts of my room today. I meant to do that for days but never managed. Now it's clean enough again that it doesn't bother me and isn't an energy sink anymore.

Thank you, Gotos πŸ–€


Executive dysfunction 

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Anyway: off to crossing some things off of our to-do list, as promised.


Rambling about other worlds/lives 

Remind me that I should (try to) front tomorrow and cross some stuff off of our to-do list. And continue work on or current cover. Both of these will improve things for us a good bit.


Potentially positive re: Shitpost aimed at myself, mh (-) 

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Shitpost aimed at myself, mh (-) 

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mh (-), sui mention (not current) 

Did a scary thing today that will help to get the internet repaired again. The connection at hope is... very bad right now. I'm proud I managed to do the thing :3


Any sites where I can generate a profile pic that resonates with me? face wise it's a masc/fem mess for me, somewhat femboyish with a bit more masc? I don't know.

Boosts OK.

It is Firefox' birthday! Firefox is 6 now! :3


covid-19: retail workers, petition 

What. A. Day.
Haven't have this good of a day in a long while.
Spring πŸ’– (I like Autumn better, but still xP 🧑)
Spending time with a very good friend πŸ’–
Going shopping and finding good new clothes πŸ’–
Empty malls because besides us apparently no one dared to go out. πŸ’–
Fun board game night afterwards πŸ’–

This was just an amazing day :3


covid-19 pandemic β€’ some good news 

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