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Long, re-#introduction 

It's high time for a re- .

We're the Nightsky system and apparently we all listen to Sky collectively now - it's not like we didn't have enough different names all over web already xD (none of those are linked to our plurality tho and for now we don't want most people to know about it, so some of us use new names on here.)

We're a (probably median) system of five. We're white, don't think that's something to be proud of, mentally ill and queer. We're into video games, programming, computer graphics and electronics and dislike that all these fields are still too often dominated by men. Besides that, we enjoy making music and way too many other things.

Our hosts are:
Wind (she/her) - the person most strongly identifying with this body. She loves puns and tabletop RPGs and is currently the one who struggles with our depression most.
She integrated from Lilly, our former host, and Sara.
She'll sign posts with πŸŒ€.

Sara (she/her) - apodysphoric former keeper of our depression who learned to be happy and love life. Probably our most "mindful" member, being able to be at awe about even little beautiful things others overlook.
Integrated with Lilly to become Wind, but came back during a hard time to help out Wind as host.
She'll sign posts with 🌌.

The rest of us are:
Gotos (he/him) - former "protector" learning to be kind.
"Fictive" from a story Lilly wrote, but has been around since before that story was written. Our theory is that he actually *is* the demigod from that story and was banished without his power to this world, losing most of his memory until Lilly started writing. None of us is sure if we truly believe that, but it's definitely canon in the stories.
He's apodysphoric, gender dysphoric, but usually not all that much affected by our mental illness.
He will sign with πŸŒ‘.

Rai (they/them) - used to consider themself an antagonist to the rest of the system but decided that this is not who they want to be.
They enjoy a certain kind of aggressive music (if it has dubstep growls, a good beat and catchy melody it might just be up their alley) and keep coming back to front for it.
They'll sign with ⚑.

Firefox (she/her or they/them) - a kind and cheerful plushy and little of the system. She only ever co-fronts to get control of our voice or an arm to move her own plushy body around.
She'll sign with 🦊, if she writes here (she rarely does).

A few more remarks/explanations:
- We use the term "host" to describe members of the system that are most likely to front and to take care of most tasks. In theory, anyone who wishes to do so can become host, the rest of us just don't currently want to.
- "Apodysphoric" means having dysphoria because of a feeling that somewhere out there there is a body the apodysphoric person strongly identifies with.

Let's get a thing going today! I'd like to support some musicians, artists, and other folks who make and sell things online.

Maybe with the hashtag #IMadeThese ?

So what do you make? Where can I buy it?

Hey y'all! o/

I'm not doing well right now; if you have some funny story, cute pet pictures, amazing experiences that happened or otherwise nice things you'd like to share - I'd love to receive them, I can really need some positivity ^^"


@nightsky_system preferences > filters > tabs > home > show replies, maybe? worked for the one we saw

hardware question, boosts appreciated 

so i've done some detective work trying to figure out what parts i need to replace / buy spares of on my wheelchair

and one part i can't figure out or find is a washer that's cone shaped instead of flat (can send a picture if needed), that's just called "1/4" WASHER, MODIFIED" on the parts list i have. i lost one of them (in my house, so might not be lost forever) and would like to replace it and buy some spares, but i can't find one that looks like my one.

is this a specialty part that i need to get from the manufacturer? and if so, do i *need* it?

(aformentioned parts list: )

More info: only happens on tusky, not on the website. Also clearing tuskys cache didn't help :(


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Tusky hides a bunch of toots from our home timeline for the last two or three days and I don't get why D:
Like: when I open the app, the posts are there for a second, then disappear. If I see who wrote the post, I can click their profile and see the post there, so I know it's not just deleted again.
Plus, this even happens with our own posts sometimes D:

I don't think we've got specific words muted, at least I didn't see that in the app. Any other ideas what might be causing this?


I love celebrating my/the body's birthday. I'm so frustrated that I wasn't able to do that for two years in a row now.

One thing I really like about our birthday parties: having social anxiety ourself, we plan around that. The locations we celebrate in always are twice as large as they'd need to be and one half is purposefully a bit dimmer and quieter and more secluded. We have a bunch of people with social anxiety participating and a few people who easily half sensory overloads and they all love these parties in particular. I don't get why not more people plan their parties around that. At least to me this seems easy to do and helps some folks tremendously.

The other big thing I really love: we know tons of people and invite many of them. Usually we aim for about 30-40 guests. Many of them never meet each other besides these parties because their interests are so different and we're the only thing liking them. Yet they get together on these parties and start conversations with each other that usually aren't just what people consider small talk but go pretty in-depth about topics that interest them and they love to learn about new interesting topics.

We aren't proud of a lot of things, but how we curate our group of friends and how we set up our birthday parties definitely is one of those things.


I think β€œpolyamourous sapphic vampires novel” should be a genre.

request for help, financial instability, centerlink has decided to cause Problems 

tldr: centerlink says my partner can't be exempt from working because she's permanently unable to work, and now our finances are in Danger

so uh, anybody have advice on like, where to go from here? the stability of our already below poverty line income is in danger and I (much more visibly disabled than my partner) have already been rejected for DSP, so I'm not optimistic she would be accepted (plus the application process lasts longer than any grace period centerlink will give us, we'll just be booted off of our payments and become a statistic tbh)

i don't know what help folks on the fediverse could even provide but like. help? im really scared and if this happens to me as well (my medical exemption runs out later this month) we'll have literally 0 income

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Open for validation :boost_ok:​ 

You are 100% valid.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to exist.

Anyone who says otherwise is just scared and/or jealous.

❀️ 🧑 πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ

The feminine urge to cancel all your plans in favour of going back to bed

We got a package. Addressed to Mia. And neither we nor our partner we're living with ordered it. (Or at least we don't remember.)

And we're confused. x)

And curious. But it's addressed to Mia, so she should open it herself.


The existence of "orchards" imply the existence of "elfsofts".

Family, positive 

Today I meet my brother for the first time. He's our biological brother and being the former main host, to Lilly he has always her brother. I on the other hand was unsure if I consider him and the family *my* family.
Our brother however embraced me as his second sister a few months ago, making very clear that to him, I'm family too. I think he'd treat all of us like that and I think some of us wouldn't really like that, but I do.

Meeting him for the first real time in ages + meeting him as myself for the first time was nice. He was really sweet and tried his best to be aware that I'm not Lilly, trying to call me by my own name, not hers, and just in general trying to wrap his head around how we work as a system without being intrusive. It was really really nice :)

I (and we all) don't really inherently value family. We know too many people who have very shitty families and don't think it's something inherently special and important. But our core family (our brother and parents) are amazing people. Not perfect, but almost perfect for us. And they earned our respect and they treat us with respect and I'm really happy I can now actually feel like I'm a real part of this too.


request for help (willing to pay) :boost_ok:​ 

stimtastic is shutting down and i only heard about this now

if anyone knows of a way to get their ufo chew necklace (like if you know who sold them to stimtastic) please let me know. i will pay you if you can find me a place to bulk buy them /srs

or, if you can like... make a mould off of one you already own, or otherwise recreate it, i will pay you to make me more, if you can approximate the toughness of the original. (and will likely continue to buy them from you for as long as you're willing to make them for me.)

as someone who is very routine sensitive i am going to implode (not literally) without a replacement once my ufo chew breaks, and thankfully im ok for now but i don't have any backup ones left.

attached are pictures of what it looks like, for those who arent aware. credit card for scale.

Re: Other headmate; re: Gender stuff 

And I'm more serious about this than I thought thought when writing this. Huh.


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