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Time to expand upon our as we now know a bit more about the fifth member of our system!

Dexied (usually he/him, but he's agender and doesn't care about pronouns) is chaotic evil and currently testing the limits we set him. He is hostile towards his headmates but can't do any actually harm as Gotos prevents that. He's also a rare fronter.
Dexied is either part of a subsystem hosted by Gotos or a fictive from the same world as him or both. His name is pronounced liked "deceived" without the v and his emoji is ⚑.

We believe this might be all of us. Then again, we thought so when it was just Lilly, Gotos and Firefox. Time will tell.

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(Part 2 of the )

Firefox (she/her) is a child and never fully fronts - however, she often co-fronts to be able to move a plushy around which to us is her real body. She loves everything fluffy, music she can dance around to, cuddling and adventures - hiding under a blanket and playing that it is a cave will do just fine for thar. If she should write here, she'll sign with 🦊. She is not affiliated with the browser of the same name.

Sara Kathleen (she/her) - or just Sara for short - is a lonely little ball of anxiety. Yes we are aware that this sounds mean. No it's not intended to be mean. Yes she is okay with us describing her like that. She hasn't been aware of herself for very long and only knows that she likes sad goth music, not much else about herself except that she felt lonely for as long as she remembers. She signs with 🌌.


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So we finally have the time for an .

We are a system of at least 4, the body and our host are in their late 20s. We only realized we are plural (or rather median, we think) a few weeks ago.

Lilly (she/her) is our host and signs messages with πŸŒ†. She loves video games, making music, tabletop/pen and paper RPGs, complex board games, writing and way too many other things.

Gotos (he/him) is a protector and fictive in his own author's mind. He inspired many of Lilly's short stories, which to him feel like memories, not fantasy. He was a demigod in his world but was banished to this world by a full god. Loves hard goth-adjacent music, incense burning and started to learn contact juggling. He signs with πŸŒ‘.


when did you join mastodon?

re: coining plural terminology 

@certifiedperson @monsterblue I absolutely needed that term. Thank you!


coining plural terminology 

Apodysphoria: distress at the mismatch or incongruence between what a system member looks like and what the body itself looks like.

(Apo- means 'away' or 'from')

"having a body/identity that is somewhere away from the body you're inhabiting, currently. Whether that's in a headspace, another world or just your strong sense that you should have this other body that's "elsewhere"." -@monsterblue

lets go back to a bygone age where the only memes were demotivational posters

That feel when you message someone who offered to listen to your rambles because you want to get back to that, they don't react for a few hours, you get ready for bed cause it's almost 1am, you get back to the computer to shut it down and see they finally responded and then go on to chat until 4:30.

Whoops. But I and we needed that.


re: Food, meat 

Now that I've taken a pretty images... *drowns everything in sauce*


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Food, meat 

Made one of our favorite dishes again and god, I love cooking fancy stuff.


masto (perhaps mastoadmin even!) question 

hey so I kinda broke my individual account (@adelia) a while back while attempting to lock it down and turn it into a "dark thoughts" account. I used the Follows and Followers (<instance domain>/relationships) interface to remove pretty much everyone, but what I discovered is that though *I* was no longer following anyone and it said no one is following me anymore, everyone was still following and could see my posts. We were able to confirm what was happening when we looked at the account from and Does anyone know how to fix this?

trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

I want you to leave the first comment on a fanfic, the first boost of an art post, the first review of an app. I want you to DM people just to say you like their work.

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I want you to watch, listen, read, appreciate art that's genuinely unheard-of. I want you to play games on in itchio and watch videos with less than a thousand views. I want you to buy an album from someone who might have never made money on their music.
It's such a unique and deep experience to connect to art like this, and it's even better to reach out to the artists and let them know

Genderstuff, trans 

This is a completely 100% personal thing that probably doesn't apply to many others but I feel like gradual gender experimentation is healthier than going "am I [binary gender opposite from what I was assigned at birth]"

If you are, that's awesome, but for many people that's a huge and extremely scary change, and a more gradual one might help ease them into the idea? Like, trying out some different clothing styles and accessories and such?

I dunno, I guess what I'm trying to say is, normalize gender experimentation and stopping where you find you're the most comfortable I suppose

"What? No. That's not a heart.its just dirt on your screen!"


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You know what's funny?

On the mobile apps of both Twitter and Discord, the black heart emoji πŸ–€ is barely visible in dark mode.
I'm amused, because it's the only heart emoji I'd use right now and even then I'm very unsure if it's appropriate and stuff. And the emoji reflects that by being stealthy xD


does anyone else always parse the sentences "time flies like an arrow" and "fruit flies like an orange" in exactly the same way and therefore picture a orange hovering menacingly in the night

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