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Time to expand upon our as we now know a bit more about the fifth member of our system!

Dexied (usually he/him, but he's agender and doesn't care about pronouns) is chaotic evil and currently testing the limits we set him. He is hostile towards his headmates but can't do any actually harm as Gotos prevents that. He's also a rare fronter.
Dexied is either part of a subsystem hosted by Gotos or a fictive from the same world as him or both. His name is pronounced liked "deceived" without the v and his emoji is ⚑.

We believe this might be all of us. Then again, we thought so when it was just Lilly, Gotos and Firefox. Time will tell.

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(Part 2 of the )

Firefox (she/her) is a child and never fully fronts - however, she often co-fronts to be able to move a plushy around which to us is her real body. She loves everything fluffy, music she can dance around to, cuddling and adventures - hiding under a blanket and playing that it is a cave will do just fine for thar. If she should write here, she'll sign with 🦊. She is not affiliated with the browser of the same name.

Sara Kathleen (she/her) - or just Sara for short - is a lonely little ball of anxiety. Yes we are aware that this sounds mean. No it's not intended to be mean. Yes she is okay with us describing her like that. She hasn't been aware of herself for very long and only knows that she likes sad goth music, not much else about herself except that she felt lonely for as long as she remembers. She signs with 🌌.


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So we finally have the time for an .

We are a system of at least 4, the body and our host are in their late 20s. We only realized we are plural (or rather median, we think) a few weeks ago.

Lilly (she/her) is our host and signs messages with πŸŒ†. She loves video games, making music, tabletop/pen and paper RPGs, complex board games, writing and way too many other things.

Gotos (he/him) is a protector and fictive in his own author's mind. He inspired many of Lilly's short stories, which to him feel like memories, not fantasy. He was a demigod in his world but was banished to this world by a full god. Loves hard goth-adjacent music, incense burning and started to learn contact juggling. He signs with πŸŒ‘.


If I remember to, I'll write about hair dye tomorrow. But now it's Kitty bed time πŸ’€


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Me: *wants to toot something*
Also me: *gets annoyed at the thought of having to type what I'd want to toot*
Also also me: *writes a meta toot instead*



poll for plural systems, :boost_requested: 

Singlet friendo asked if it's common for systems to have kid members so:

Does your system contain one or more members that are most likely under the age of 15?

my nicest pixel art yet 

that took such a long time, but isn't it cute ? :blobcatuwu:​

neo pronouns? i'm pretty sure in the movies he uses he/him

sui, warning 

There’s a video going around the internet of a man who killed himself live on TikTok. I’ve seen many people try to report the video but TikTok says it’s β€œnot against their terms of service” or whatever. Keep an eye out and be safe. I know if I saw that I’d be a wreck for weeks

mh - 

I'm very very worried about Wind :(


hi my gender is nervous and my pronouns are "uhhhh/okay/thanks"

Henlo, I was tired had an hour ago but now I'm wide awake and feel like talking a lot but should sleep and this is v rude, yes yes. x)


Normalize reading profiles before sending follow requests.

mh - 

Bad apodysphoria day :c


Ahhhhhh I love polyamory. And I love all our partners. Each of them is so amazing and incredible and I love them so much 😻😻

No I don't have any specific reason for this outburst, I just let my mind wonder and realized how awesome all our partners are. It's unbelievable *-*


Why Pluto is the most aro-ace object of the solar system. An elaborated illustration of
Birdsite/@soundsfakepod's Ep 24. #asexual #asexuality #illustration #art #mastoart

Before integration, they called Sara their sweet Kitty. She loved being called that. So did I after the integration.
Now that Sara is also back tho, we both get that pet name - and our partner recently started addressing both of us by calling us their sweet kitt*ies* every now and again. We both love that sooo much, it's almost overwhelming tbh *-*


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Sara and me being called "my sweet kitties" by one of our partners. Plural euphoria and twice the excitement. 🧑


bi lesbian discourse, lesbian separatists being exorsexist/biphobic 

why do lesbian separatists act like the only nonbinary people that exist are either "female-aligned" or "male-aligned?"

like i always see the argument that "lesbians can be attracted to woman-aligned nbs! that doesn't make you bi!" or "you can't be a lesbian and be attracted to male-aligned nbs!" and like

  1. why's it always assumed that bi lesbians are attracted to men

  2. why can nobody remember that not all nbs are "aligned" like that or use those words in a homogenously-defined way?

  3. hoo boy would it surprise them to know there are "man-aligned" butch lesbians because again, that term only means whatever an individual defines it to mean

re: Meditation, sleep, inner world; long 

We unfortunately didn't manage to get back there yet. I think it's pretty likely we could reach that place when in trance or deep meditation - but meditating to get there is kinda besides the point; to us, meditating is trying to let go of a focus, not focusing on a specific thing x) and we're not experienced enough with trance to a) put ourselves in trance and b) actually navigate that ourselves. And we don't really know anyone experienced with hypnosis or something :c

It might be a while until we manage to return there. Which is unfortunate, the cliff had twilight town vibes and I like that a lot :3


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