A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

Autism Speaks is bad, they want autistic people ‘cured’, otherwise known as eugenics. They are non autistic people speaking over us.
There are more horrible things AS do but this would be a very long post if I included them all.
Do not support or promote them.

ABA is a form of torture to force autistic people to mask our behaviour. It is not a helpful ‘therapy’. Even if someone didn’t have a bad experience it doesn’t negate the people who have been traumatised.

Light it up blue is an autism speaks event.
Light is up red is an autism community event in opposition to AS speaks.

Autism awareness is an autism speaks phrase. Autism acceptance is an autism community phrase.

The blue puzzle piece and puzzle pieces in general as a symbol are a red flag. It’s from the idea us autistic people are ‘incomplete‘.

We speak, sign and vocalise for ourselves. We do not need any NT people to communicate for us or decide our needs and rights.

neurotypicals are always making things so complicated. like okay, you want me to work? why do you need my personal social media info for that? why do you need me to socialize with people in specific sanctioned ways during my breaks? why do you need me to wear specific clothes? why is *doing the work* not enough???

i'll probably be on here a bit more than Arca, her social anxiety meter maxes out really quick :P


not sure how we're gonna divvy up toots between us, though we'll probably sign individual toots with [AR] for Arca, and [AX] for Acxa. the others may come up in the future, but usually they prefer to stay in Headspace.

hello! we're extremely new to mastodon and plurality as well. we never thought there'd be others like us.

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