Narcissistic parent(s) 

I've been no-contact with my mom and stepdad for nearly five years now. (Long story short: they're the source for most of my trauma) She's been stalking me nonstop ever since I went non-contact, going so far as to being in my city when I moved here last year (there's no way she could have known I was here).

I guess she sent my mother-in-law a message on Fb in June (MIL has her blocked so she didn't see it for a while) claiming that she was dying and that they wanted me to drive up to Ohio to get the stuff that was left behind when I got away back in 2007.

Here's the thing: I wrote my stuff off as a loss already. I never intend on getting any of it back. I feel like she wants me to go up there so her husband can kill me. I know he has the means to do so.

And, to be honest, I emotionally disconnected from my mom five years ago. I can honestly say that I don't care if she's dying. If that makes me a bad person, keep in mind that she and my stepdad are my abusers.

Narcissistic parent(s) part 2 

It just really sucks that we know nothing about our biological father. We don't know if he's a good person. We don't know anything about our ancestry and our stepdad's name is on our birth certificate. We were always the subject of stepdad's resentment. Our older half-brother and half-sister didn't have to go through any of this.

So never mind the fact that they won't respect our legal name and gender. Never mind the bullshit they put us through. In their world, I'm the one that messed up by being born. I'm the mistake.

So, yeah, I'll drive up to Ohio and get my stuff once I'm personally able to blast off to the stars in my own spacecraft.

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