I forgot that it is also a proxy for our other hosted stuff. So much for that idea.


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Turned our instance off. Find us over here for now.

🌙 🍂

This is a really strange feeling. I'm blending with Autumn of all people. I've never fronted before, so maybe I'm only able to do it if I am blending with someone else? Why not Erin instead?



body refuses to get up. it's as though nobody's home. i don't care, heh.


I've been frontstuck for a while. What's different this time is that I don't feel like it's a bad thing. Erin's still here to back us up, so things aren't in such a bad way.

I feel like the rest of the system is pretty complacent at the moment, too. This is do different for us.


I said to Autumn, "You are happier than I am now!"

This is different! I have always been the happy one~ I sort of don't know what to feel about this!

Don't misunderstand me; I am so happy that Autumn has found true happiness! It's a beautiful thing to see! Autumn has never been happy before~ This is such a monumental change for us, and it will take some getting used to!

By no means am I saying any of this is bad. I am so proud of Autumn and how far they've come. They deserve this more than anything! It has just sent a shockwave throughout the system, and we are trying to adjust! 😅​


We're still getting used to our already short attention span being divided amongst different things~

We've never been good with multitasking! 😅​👍​


I am mentally exhausted/out of spoons. I wish I could sleep all day, or just have Erin front. Maybe she will. But I'm so exhausted. I think I need to just step away from fedi for today and just watch Netflix or play a game or something


Feeling weird and blendy


New Masto Users: Advice (not rules) about CWs (thread) (1) 

I'm butch and transfemme because the spelling is dope and "fem" just looks weird to me.

Sorry if you don't like how I choose to identify.

So people who run single-user instances

I've been lowkey thinking about starting one for my future company, since business accounts don't really belong on .Art, but like how much would you estimate I would need? I have a space at a web hotel that I'm currently hosting my portfolio website at, but it only uses like 1% of the space I have. Would it be possible or even desireable to host everything on there??

uhh #MastoAdmin ?? :boost_ok:

Hi I think this is Raven. I am able to type. However this is not the best time for this. I would have liked to introduce myself under better circumstances but I don't know why it is this. Autumn is here with me and I don't think I know them well but we had a panic attack and I was put in front but Autumn is here. I may be able to type because of Autumn but I do not know really. I am scared and I think that we messed up something and I can't tell yet. I want to go home.



Being non-binary doesn’t mean looking androgynous!

Non-binary people who don’t look androgynous are just as valid as those who don’t!


i guess they're letting me speak here. so hey.


System update 

Transgender, uplifting/support (aimed at folks who are early in their journey) 

Hi friends. :)

We migrated to our own instance back in August, but we're going to be using our Plural Café account once again for general system things.

These kinds of things aren't a good fit for our individual accounts, and as we feel like we need an outlet for general system thoughts, this is the perfect opportunity to come back here.

Anyway, if you're still with us, thank you. <3


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