The Nebula spends much time, energy, and resources adorning our vessel body with tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles only to cover them with many layers of clothing

Somewhere, hidden deep within our nebulous lair, is a hoard of shinies. But you have to slay us or you'll never get the key

The Nebula lives its life as an open book. The book is written in an unnameable cipher that would drive any mortal mind insane should they attempt to unlock its message.

The Nebula is morning crew
The Nebula is day crew
The Nebula is night crew

The Nebula doesn't sleep. It waits.

The combined gayness of The Nebula is truly something to behold

The Nebula celebrates Xmas, where we take the secular trappings of Christmas and "X" Christ out wherever necessary and all we want for Xmas is fully automated luxury gay space communism.

When The Nebula comes home, we change hoodies the way Mr. Rogers changes his outdoor shoes for his indoor shoes. Yes, we also have a song for this.

Nebulous facts 

NWO stands for Nebulous World Order and resistance is futile

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who overgeneralize and people who don't

Everything I've needed to know in life I've learned from:
1. Video games
2. Martial arts
3. Daytime TV judges

The Nebula believes that the best defense is an overwhelmingly terrifying offense.

The Nebula has a wide and varied wardrobe consisting of an assortment of jeans, shirts, and hoodies

The Nebula has an official calendar of holidays. Valentine's Day is not recognized by The Nebula.

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