Selfie, eye contact 

Someone want to tell me why we're awake rn?

Dog (head not visible, no eye contact) 

Molly sleeps on/next to/under this futon most of the day

Ok, I can't be the only one who thought about this when I first heard of the name

Masked-up selfie, eye contact 

As requested, we look like a cyberpunk villain

Mirror selfie, eye contact 

It's 7:30. The sun is up. Ya enby is tired. It was a weird one. Good day to you.

This is Molly. Molly demands that all of her meals be fed to her via Kong toys. We started doing this a few times a week for some mental stimulus but she started refusing to eat them any other way.

Mirror Selfie, eye contact, masked 

UV-approved selfie

Eye contact, face mask 

We're going for a walk not robbing something. Not pictured: black gloves in our back pocket

Mirror selfie, ec 

Corona virus fashion makes us look like we're gonna rob someone

US pol, pro sanders 

Every day, I change the message to encourage the parents to make the correct decision

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