Trans resources request 

Our mother (white woman in her 60's from Midwestern US) needs resources for understanding non-binary genders and nothing we have on hand is understandable for her. This is a totally new concept for her and despite having come out to her years ago, she's still struggling. Does anybody have a website or something I could pass along?

Trans resources request 

@nebula idk if they're still updating this but there's a wikia w nonbinary terms and resources here:!

and i used these myself when i made a small guide on being trans(masc) for a friend's mom: 

hope it helps!! best wishes to you and your mom

Trans resources request 

@Niks The first link on this is dead, fyi, but thank you for the help!

Trans resources request 

@nebula sorry, the ! is part of the url, here

i think this one should work, it's just the main page

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