Can someone recommend a good VPN to use within the US?

@nebula I ended up setting up and using Algo

Before that, I used the pay service run by the OpenVPN devs

Both were fine, Algo was really good at mobile roaming, but I’d consistently run into cloud services (that I had accounts on) that just blocked me because I was coming from a VPN or cloud block

@zigg OK I should make it clear that I have absolutely no resources to set up anything for myself and need to use a paid service

@nebula Sure. If you want a no-setup option then PT is the one I used. That’s why I gave both options 🙂

Algo doesn’t need to you set up your own server, though, just to clarify. It’s designed to set up a cloud server for you in AWS or on DigitalOcean or Vultr (I use the latter), that you’ll never have to log into. That said, it’s definitely at least a medium barrier to entry, so I don’t recommend it to everyone.

@nebula we've been using Mullvad for a few years now and have no complaints with its service, though we're not an expert in this stuff.
it's paid, and i think it lets you download their program(s?) to run their VPN*, and the website seems decently informative and navigable

(*we went with the option to generate config files for openvpn. which _has_ given us repeated difficulties setting up and timing out. but that might not be an issue depending on your computer or if you use their program?)

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