Germans: Americans are so uncultured

Germans: *are born, live, and die in the same 4 sq km area*

@nebula true, but Americans have a perhaps unequalled ability to travel tens of thousands of miles and visit multiple countries and still learn not a single blessed thing from these experiences

@kara_dreamer @nebula while still, on the whole, living in the same area their entire lives

People outside the US don't understand how big the US is and people in the US don't understand how big the rest of the world is

@nebula @kara_dreamer big in square miles vs big in dense, unique population and culture :p


Actually, both size and culture in both. People like to homogenize and talk condescendingly about Americans not having a culture and that reveals both their ignorance and inability to understand America's problems

@nebula @kara_dreamer that's true. I'm just often amazed by how one square mile in some parts of the globe can have a completely unique (sub?)culture from ten miles away (and the rest of the world.) I guess it holds true in America too but having a million people subscribe to it sort of lends it legitimacy vs the pockets and ingroups one naturally finds in any areas.

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