Yeah, the black hole picture is cool and good for science. But consider, if you would, ending food shortages...

@nebula Altho I agree w what youre sayin, I feel like its worth sayin that it aint up to science to fix food shortages or anythin. The means are there, scientists are p much all geared up n ready for it- they jus dont get the go+fundin from the richest 1% who generally run the world. Its been calculated that if everyone of the idfk like top 20 richest ppl donated jus 1% of their wealth we wouldnt have ppl starvin to death & dyin from preventable diseases in 3rd world countries (antivaxx is a whole 'nother level of stupid, I aint talkin bout white mums decidin to ignore doctors n science n then gettin mad when their precious lil Carmyel Diezye Auebriegh (pronounced Caramel Daisy Aubrey) gets meningitis n dies or somethin- but ya what im sayin is that we rly do got ALL the means to do it but it aint the scientists we should be pointin fingers @ cuz they want it too ya know. look @ the ppl payin them instead cuz capitalisms murder yeet

How much money was spent on this project involving 200 experts and 8 telescopes around the world? That was my point. Black holes are cool, but what did this DO for anyone?

Lots of more important problems to solve

But maybe not for people who can afford to get into MIT amirite?


If thats who ya wanna bitch @ then aight aint gonna argue ya. science bad, research bad, amirite?

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