holy FUCK

someone went out of their way to write a huge, multi-paragraph "callout" on why i'm a terrible person for blocking free speech instances and all that garbage

they put it on gitlab...?

CW for the link: transphobia, nazi apologia, a seventeen year old boy being very, very angry

it was last updated two weeks ago

it contains gems such as
"from a glance, lynne's main account looks completely harmless: 1.66k followers, 43k "shits" (this term, by the way, accurately describes her content), 4 pinned posts, a laughably horrible bio. about what you'd expect from your typical "popular" run-of-the-mill sjw on fedi."


"now, anyone with at least half a brain can easily disprove lynne's arguments."

"honestly, i'm not sure why people on single-user instances even announce blocks. it's seriously useless. no one cares lol."

"no one cares lol."

buddy... if you write a huge, multi-paragraph rant about it, you care

"(this paragraph was cut out. too many personal details. tl;dr it was me detailing my sexual preferences. yea, not exactly the best for a hit piece)"

i, too, lose focus while ranting and start talking about my sexuality

i wonder if they'll reply to this?

i'll never know since i have their instances blocked :thinkhappy:

"the real adults in the conversation (opal, tuxcrafting, p) were trying to knock some sense into lynne."

look at this kiddo talking about how his favourite nazis (and nazi enablers, wouldn't want to lump those in with the nazis, they're so different from each other) are "the real adults"

out of all the free speech callout posts i've ever seen, this one is by far the most pathetic. this is an absolute embarrassment. i didn't think i could think any lower of the free speech chuds, but off they go, proving themselves to be even worse than i ever could have imagined. imagine being so fucking angry about being blocked by someone you don't even want to talk to. jesus christ.


I demand my 5 minutes back. That shitstain's obsession with you is just cringey. Not funny at all

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