On a quest to follow all the plural systems in the fediverse

@nebula We're originally plural including three polyfragmented nexuses but don't conceive of ourselves as a strictly defined system because the traumagenic alterations didn't induce the plurality, only modified it.

@nebula So don't follow us because we won't count towards your total.

@nebula That was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but rather badly done. Despite being online since prehistory, and a bit of exposure to linguistics, the finesse of conveying nuances in the written version of our native English, still eludes us regularly. We don't even bother attempting it in our country's other language, te reo Māori, results are usually laughable at best.

But that's beside the point, we've been enjoying your TL for ages, would you mind if we followed you?

@sophieactual We've got no reason to stop you. We like to spread our propaganda far and wide

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