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*opens a little convenience store next to where we sell illegal flavored vape juice and weird versions of stuff you have at home but from other countries*

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You carefully place the offerings in the pentagram drawn on the floor: a can of original flavor Rockstar, cannabis, a copy of Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age, a black hoodie, and the blood of a cop. You know the incantation, but even the thought of uttering something so abominable makes you feel ill. The words feel like sand on your tongue, but you speak. "'They can't be a singular pronoun," you manage weakly. The weed bursts into flame. The can opens and is half-drained in a flash. 3's and 7's begins playing from nowhere. The hoodie suddenly flies across the room and you duck to avoid it. My voice comes from behind you, "The fuck did you say?"

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If you think queer is *necessarily* a slur, go ahead and block us right now plz and thx

Friendly reminder that the us government still hasn't helped people in dire need of money who can't get a job. One $2000 check and nothing else. No rent pause, no monthly money. People are actively being kicked out of their homes by landlords to the streets.

SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

we've like.... literally always had cancel culture. deciding a human being has done bad stuff and we shouldn't associate with them anymore is a normal part of society my dude. it's just getting cancelled for practicing systemic prejudice in combination with the widespread reach of online communication that's new. rich ppl are just pissy you can get cancelled for being a bigoted fuck now

Your friendly reminder to cancel that monthly subscription you started nearly a month ago because the first month is free.

And now we got held over 3 hours because they don't have anyone to take over. 19 hours since Thursday. We'll be back tonight.

My entire job right now is to sit and look at an empty parking lot. Capitalism is stupid.

Capitalism has us all so fucked up I just saw someone ask "If there were no landlords where would renters live?"

I don't think they meant it as a gotcha, I think they were being genuine.

In a way, that's worse...

everytime I see a youtuber correctly use "they/them" pronouns for someone, my heart grows bigger

I heard that NASA was going to grow cashew nuts on the ISS for nutritional purposes and as a science experiment in low gravity botany. But they had an issue with excess waste being ejected out the station lowering their speed, causing issues with the orbit. I guess if you nut in space it do push you backward.

Reading bios before following is good because:
✨ you can learn really basic essentials for future interactions like pronouns
✨ find out important boundaries to prevent you from sticking your foot in it later (check pinned toots too!)
✨ learn their interests for an idea of what they might toot about
✨ website links to have a nosey at their art, projects, etc and potentially give support towards them
✨ discover the big red flags early
✨ it's just polite, really

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without death of the author the only claims you can make about a text are (1) what its author is trying to say, (2) whether it properly says those things, and (3) whether those things are good things to say. you cannot talk about what the text might be saying to people who are not the author, which is to say, its audience, which is to say, the reason for its existence in the first place, except as confirmation or refutation of the author’s skill.

death of the author was invented because people got tired of talking about how skilled or unskilled these old white men were and decided to all just talk about the books which mattered to them instead. this was controversial because it meant that people were reading books without regard for white men’s legacies. nowhere should death of the author be a “death of culture”, a removal of a work from the social and political conditions in which it is being read. when that culture is a celebrity culture, that means the celebrity associated with a work becomes a part of its text. regardless of whether its author does or does not disavow it.

This is straight up racism now 

The band formerly known as Lady Antebellum decided to rebrand to Lady A after the recent BLM protests.

Except a black woman had be performing as Lady A for decades before them, so instead of coming up with an alternative...

...they're suing her. The dirty fucking bastards are suing her to lay claim to a name she's been using long before the knobs bothered opening a dictionary. :blobglarenervous:

Well technically, bear/twink doesn't necessarily imply top/bottom. Marx himself was aware of that. everyone involved appeared to have a word for it

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