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If any part of The Nebula says or does something you feel is racist, misogynist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic, ableist, prejudiced, oppressive, or problematic in any way, please don't hesitate to call us out or DM us if you feel moved to do so. You're not obligated to explain why it's problematic, but if you give us the opportunity, I promise you we will apologize, reflect on why it might be a problem, and do better in the future. We will strive to understand why it's wrong and rectify it to the best of our ability.

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*opens a little convenience store next to where we sell illegal flavored vape juice and weird versions of stuff you have at home but from other countries*

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You carefully place the offerings in the pentagram drawn on the floor: a can of original flavor Rockstar, cannabis, a copy of Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age, a black hoodie, and the blood of a cop. You know the incantation, but even the thought of uttering something so abominable makes you feel ill. The words feel like sand on your tongue, but you speak. "'They can't be a singular pronoun," you manage weakly. The weed bursts into flame. The can opens and is half-drained in a flash. 3's and 7's begins playing from nowhere. The hoodie suddenly flies across the room and you duck to avoid it. My voice comes from behind you, "The fuck did you say?"

Some bitter, hateful old Trump supporter sent us this photo of one of our stickers, staying he had destroyed the sticker because—in short—he is in favor of mass deportations and similar fascistic measures.

It’d be poetic justice if this photo he sent ends up seen by more people here on the internet than the original sticker would have been had he left it up where it was! Please share this post around to that purpose.

You can get copies of this sticker here for cheap:

night crew means family. it means nobody gets left behind

like you know. imagine a bunch of big tuff straight guys saying "your nose on my nuts" in spanish. how is that not horny. straight guys are incredibly horny for gay sex

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Blasphemy shitpost 

*standing before the congregation in brown vestments, the acolyte holding a giant book open in front of me*
Me: The LORD poo poo
The Faithful: And also pee pee

on “leaving fedi”, decay and burnout. 

to build for durability, we can structure mechanisms that allow spaces to continue to grow and mature.

this is where i see regular moderator cycling (with shorter “tours” of responsibility), community nomination from within, transparency, as possible ways to try to ensure that positive change continues as much as we can encourage, after we step away. this is doubly useful as life situations change, which covid is putting a particularly fine point on lately.

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on “leaving fedi”, decay and burnout. 

the cumulative effect of replacement is that the culture of remainers becomes more directly About the process of othering/attacking - a shift i tend to associate with the rise of fascism online.

even if some of the more hostile posters take up responsibility for maintaining the spaces they essentially coopt, they too will leave if the quality of their experience continues to drop, and so on until most left are spammers or insufferable: a facebook heatdeath

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I just don't have the patience for pretentiousness anymore

If software naming made any sense, Atom would be a specialized container for Proton, Neutron, and Electron

Gender is now banned due to being a fire hazard.

We must imagine Sisyphus underpaid, performing the same act of repetitive, mind-numbing physical labour for eight hours a day, six days a week without proper health insurance

skidaddle skidincrustation
your dick is now an incrustation

"I was hopin we could take care of this right here in Brainerd."

Masked-up selfie, eye contact 

As requested, we look like a cyberpunk villain

Kai Cheng Thom, an accomplished author and an established voice within the Toronto queer community: I am willing to fight with you if you are a terf.
Anonymous Terfs with 70 twitter followers: I would fight with you and treat you like shit, I am chomping at the bit for the opportunity. Unfortunately, the trans cult would make me lose my job if I did so 😔


🥳 Great news! An Employment Tribunal ruled that non-binary people are protected from workplace discrimination in the same way trans men & women are. We thought that was the case, but ET decisions help make that totally clear! 🥳 #TransRightsAreHumanRights


[ #nonbinary #trans #PositiveNews #GoodNews #UK ]

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