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Our pronouns 

The Nebula as a whole ("Alex"): neutral/objectifying (they/them or it)

UV: same as Nebula

Drea: female/feminine

Jack: male/masculine

Ty: male/masculine

Cam: neutral/male

Jess: female/feminine

Mel: female/feminine

Gak: neutral

Jayson: male/masculine

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*opens a little convenience store next to where we sell illegal flavored vape juice and weird versions of stuff you have at home but from other countries*

cis people flirting: hey girl
trans people flirting: i want to be shipped to your house like a packaged toy doll so you can unwrap me

im a barbie man. in a barbie van
pink and plastic. its fantastic
my kids think im cool. i make gay boys drool
on vacation. king of the dilf nation

Someone at work put together a spreadsheet of course recommendations. I went to look at it and well, fanfic readers will read these acronyms very differently:

One time payment (OTP) or subscription (SUB)?

friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

I am once again reminded that a willingness to look silly and/or ignorant is a great strength.

"Prisoners across Alabama have been on strike since Monday, refusing to attend their work assignments and essentially shutting down normal operations of the prison system in the state...." "about 80% of Alabama prisoners have participated in the strike."

At one prison, “No inmates have any kind of tensions with each other. And neither are we showing any kind of tensions with the authorities.”

audio of interview

“I would tell prisoners across the country to understand what we’re doing and to link up with one another and understand that economics is what it’s about. And let’s get together in a nationwide shutdown, let’s shut all this down and let’s cut the money off and make them get it right.”

"the prison administration is busing in work release prisoners as temporary replacement workers, commonly known as “scabs.” However in this instance, the bused-in prisoners aren’t necessarily consenting to their role."

“Basically, the message that we are sending is, the courts have shut down on us, the parole board has shut down on us. This society has long ago shut down on us. So basically, if that’s the case, and you’re not wanting us to return back to society, you can run these facilities yourselves.”


TIL: Researchers track and exchange their findings into new SARS-CoV-2 subvariants on GitHub:
The entire thing is completely open source and I'm absolutely positively amazed by that.
It's powering

Imagine being neurotypical and thinking that getting to do stuff related to your interests does not matter to your well-being

Took the IDR Labs Autism Spectrum test thingy just for shits and giggles and scrolled down to where they talk about fixations wherein they said autistic people "also usually have special interests that they feel they must tend to, which they experience as fundamental to their well-being."

I'd ask if the NTs are okay but it's pretty clear that they're not lmao

(please boost) asking for money help 

hello! i need $80 to order groceries and $60 for medical weed ($140 total)

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. i'm job searching, feel free to hit me up with info





thank you for everything 🖤

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund

I have a friend that keeps bumping into completely bizarre Mr Blobby experiences out in the wild, and I have to say what a fantastic curse to have. I'm a little bit jealous of him

my birthday is coming up on Monday. would any of you lovely loves like to contribute to my "cake fund"~?$somarasu

(full disclosure: the cake will probably be pizza)

Ron Swanson voice: "I'd work all night if it meant nothing got done."

re: lewd, mh -, clarification 

Until I'm too exhausted again. I have not self-harmed. The streak is alive.

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lewd, mh - 

I want to go home and crawl on top of our bf and have him fuck me until I'm too exhausted to self-harm. Again.

they/thems just want to invite you to their homes to drink tea and talk about raccoon spotting

met a comrade yesterday who I hadn't seen in a while, and it was interesting to find out that this cluster of anarchists had also pivoted into food autonomy.

we are the ones naturally predisposed towards molotovs and minute discourse in-fighting and fun nazi-bashing sports, but lately somehow it feels like the hottest 2022 season fashionable keywords in anarchism podcasts are like, how to make potato bag soil for cheap, where to distribute pamphlets about dumpster diving, hints on organising a iodine stash with your neighbors. it's as if we collectively sniffed the air, looked at one another mid-plenum, then quietly left to the toolsheds. I like to think of us as crows.

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Jack: "UV, we're trans. Nobody expects us to have our life together."

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