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Our consists of:

UV - host (median subsystem)
Drea - cohost
Jack - protector @Jack
and others who might tell me to add them at some point πŸ‘οΈ

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We're the subsystem host of The Nebula, our main system. We have been on the fediverse for about a year now. Our partner is @Serena We are diagnosed with and and we are also and We teach in .We post about our daily life as a system and our interests. We like , , , , , , , being , and other cool stuff. We're ridiculously addicted to

Today's gender is queerness and the sound of a dial tone.

🍎 Jailbreak your iphone and hack the OS

πŸ€– Root and flash your android phones with custom OSes you can play with

πŸ–₯ Flash your computer's bios to show ascii art on POST

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Cover everything you own in stickers and patches

⚧ Hack your endocrine system. Steal genders or cobble your own together with spare parts

Own your stuff inside and out. Customize it to make a statement, reflect your identity, or just because you can. It belongs to you and no one else. Leave your mark on it. ✊

I haven't put this much tiger balm on our back in the morning since we quit Judo

🎢7 loves you so much
but do me a favor, baby, don't replyyyyyy
cause I can dish it out but I can't take it🎢

skidaddle skidatanist
your dick is now a satanist

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πŸ‘ Buy πŸ‘ All πŸ‘ Queer πŸ‘ People πŸ‘ Thesauruses πŸ‘ Because πŸ‘ We πŸ‘ Keep πŸ‘ On πŸ‘ Removing πŸ‘ Problematic πŸ‘ Words πŸ‘

Also we keep on driving post formats into the dust through over use.

"But we are white. Let's all say white people things! 'Billy Joel.' 'I found it on Etsy.' 'There was nowhere to park!' 'Did you refill the Brita?'"

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Please keep the crowd under control
This is a matter of life and death and we are not prepared, I just want you to know

Goddammit, we have to rewrite the intro to fit 1000 characters now

retoot to support this hardworking single mom

cis just means the first person who guessed my gender was correct

it's not my fault that i am not very creative

i was very young when it happened

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me: death of the author is some bullshit that pe-
jk rowling: hi
me: hmmm well now that i think about it

Us: averages 5-6 hours of sleep per night
Us: gets sick
Us: sleeps for 24 hours of a 36 hour period

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