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Our pronouns 

The Nebula as a whole ("Alex"): neutral/objectifying (they/them or it)

UV: same as Nebula

Drea: female/feminine

Jack: male/masculine

Ty: male/masculine

Cam: neutral/male

Jess: female/feminine

Mel: female/feminine

Gak: neutral

Jayson: male/masculine

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If any part of The Nebula says or does something you feel is racist, misogynist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic, ableist, prejudiced, oppressive, or problematic in any way, please don't hesitate to call us out or DM us if you feel moved to do so. You're not obligated to explain why it's problematic, but if you give us the opportunity, I promise you we will apologize, reflect on why it might be a problem, and do better in the future. We will strive to understand why it's wrong and rectify it to the best of our ability.

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*opens a little convenience store next to where we sell illegal flavored vape juice and weird versions of stuff you have at home but from other countries*

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You carefully place the offerings in the pentagram drawn on the floor: a can of original flavor Rockstar, cannabis, a copy of Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age, a black hoodie, and the blood of a cop. You know the incantation, but even the thought of uttering something so abominable makes you feel ill. The words feel like sand on your tongue, but you speak. "'They can't be a singular pronoun," you manage weakly. The weed bursts into flame. The can opens and is half-drained in a flash. 3's and 7's begins playing from nowhere. The hoodie suddenly flies across the room and you duck to avoid it. My voice comes from behind you, "The fuck did you say?"

Mal does this all the time, but it's not pinned so

Joe Biden has been in office 278 days. There are still children in cages at the border.

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

goal has been met!!! thanks, everyone!!!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

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Jack: Hey kids, we're still alive.

UV is still posting through it at their new account linked in our profile.

I am staying offline. It's for everyone's good.

Be gay, do crimes.

- Jack of All Trades

Someone did a FOIA request for the FBI's investigation of Crimethinc and the agents sent them, among other things, a "scanned" CD. Like they put a CD in a copy machine and hit copy in lieu of sending the files. What's the over under on whether this was a dodge or they're just not that bright at the FBI

signal boosting!

Susan is an Indigenous Deaf ND mom of two ND kids. She lives with brain and arm injuries from a drunk driver and her husband, her support, was trapped in Mexico by the Trump admin.
Susan’s car suddenly requires repair, this is urgent as she cares for many live farm animals on a different property and her kids need medical transport. She also badly needs groceries and food banks don’t carry food they can eat.

Goal: $500

PayPal @SusanG1313
Cashapp $SuzEQ1313
Venmo @SuzEQ13


It's our birthday today- not doing much, just taking a day off and relaxing. Might work some more on a journal we've been hand-binding but we'll see.

Glad we've made it through another trip around the sun!

bizarro trans movie scene 

Cis character: "There's something I never told you.... I.... I'm comfortable with the gender I was assigned at birth"

Trans character: immediately throws up everywhere

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I lost all respect for RSA when they let me walk myself and a friend into their Data Security Conference for a week in the late 1990s with nothing but press passes made at Kinko's and a letter from Mondo 2000.

#MutualAid @mutualaid

Okay, I thought I wouldn't have to do this but things are really getting worse.
I'm currently helping my partner financially because he isn't earning enough money.
He's been applying to several jobs he's still waiting for an answer and fees are still going on.
His landlord said he'll have to leave the flat soon, late rents...
We're missing 500€...

Fedi, I need your help more than ever... This is not good. 😞

Anything help, thank you. ❤️

dont have takes unless you read the theory (lesser key of solomon)

Elizabeth Warren thinks we should break up Big Tech and I'm down but I wonder if she would consider broadening her stance by supporting a movement to break up Big Everything

Neurodivergence/neurodiversity PSA 


Neurodivergence/neurodiversity contains more than just autism and this is good and other divergencies from the typical should not be excluded!

if you're fighting a generational culture war and you're older, you've already lost. there's not a lot more embarrassing than 30 year olds trying to own teenagers on the internet

oh man if you thought property was theft wait til you hear about everything being a service

Texas Govt: Disconnects from the national grid
Texas: Texas Electrical Grid fails
Texas Govt: MONEY PLS

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what's the word for when something Big has happened close to home and you get frustrated at everyone else continuing life as normal??

begging, dehomelessnessing 

after 3½ yrs, me and my dad are finally getting a house! 🎊🎊 but for various reasons our money ran out before we've even moved in lol. we're getting the house no matter what so don't worry about that, but certain amenities would make this move make a lot more sense, like, gas to get free furniture, toilet paper, cookware, food before our food stamps kick in, phone bill, yk. i don't ask lightly but this coming week or two will be very pivotal for us #transcrowdfund 1/2

Sometimes the mere process of writing out a cw is enough to make me go "huh. Maybe this joke doesn't need telling."

Meta, plural discourse, ugh, long-ish 

UV: Thank you for tagging your plural discourse so we can filter it. We'd appreciate it if you'd also tag your opinions about DID, if you don't have DID, so that we can filter those as well. This is about as nice as I can be about it. I've totally lost any chance of respecting the opinions I've seen so far.

Frankly, we do enough thankless emotional labor for people in our life, so I see no reason we should do it for total strangers on the internet by adding our own 2 cents and dealing with whatever comes of it. Drea seems keen on doing it anyway, tho, so next time she fronts maybe she will. I'm content to filter what we can and block what we can't, but that's on her.

We often eschew tagging our posts on here because it was always meant to carry our collective identity as a system and give the world a look into the beautiful chaos that is our experience with plurality. I happen to be the most frequent user by far, though, with Jack running second place. We're both planning on creating new accounts on different instances for general use and this account will be for plurality-related posting. We'll link those accounts in our profile when they're created. The mood here is changing and it's just not for us anymore.

Our work schedule/duties alone tend to eat up a lot of spoons, leaving us with little to spend on things like finding new instances, setting up profiles, etc. So changes will likely be slow. We're open to invites if anyone would like to have us.

I guess that's it. The fediverse is meant to be ephemeral and I'm by nature fairly mercurial. We'll pack up our game and head off again soon.

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