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Our pronouns 

The Nebula as a whole ("Alex"): neutral/objectifying (they/them or it)

UV: same as Nebula

Drea: female/feminine

Jack: male/masculine

Ty: male/masculine

Cam: neutral/male

Jess: female/feminine

Mel: female/feminine

Gak: neutral

Jayson: male/masculine

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If any part of The Nebula says or does something you feel is racist, misogynist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic, ableist, prejudiced, oppressive, or problematic in any way, please don't hesitate to call us out or DM us if you feel moved to do so. You're not obligated to explain why it's problematic, but if you give us the opportunity, I promise you we will apologize, reflect on why it might be a problem, and do better in the future. We will strive to understand why it's wrong and rectify it to the best of our ability.

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*opens a little convenience store next to where we sell illegal flavored vape juice and weird versions of stuff you have at home but from other countries*

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You carefully place the offerings in the pentagram drawn on the floor: a can of original flavor Rockstar, cannabis, a copy of Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age, a black hoodie, and the blood of a cop. You know the incantation, but even the thought of uttering something so abominable makes you feel ill. The words feel like sand on your tongue, but you speak. "'They can't be a singular pronoun," you manage weakly. The weed bursts into flame. The can opens and is half-drained in a flash. 3's and 7's begins playing from nowhere. The hoodie suddenly flies across the room and you duck to avoid it. My voice comes from behind you, "The fuck did you say?"

Everyone wants a bratty sub til she robs you and leaves you for a girl, smh

Thinkin' bout being picked up by very tall and strong people

tech tip 

unions are good and you should spam the amazon union-busting website #DoItWithoutDues

psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.


Do I want sushi?

The answer is usually "Yea" but do I want to go and get the sushi?


Gender pirate

Pillaging your genders to add to my treasure hoards

Fairy lights: on
LED's: rainbow
Music: sick
Enby mode: activated

Alcoholism, family 

Awesome, now we're back to the "lying/misrepresenting how much we're drinking" stage of things.

Would love to be saving up to finally begin transitioning but it looks like we'll need to be moving out again

Cops, murder of POC 

The second most fucked-up thing about cops killing with chokeholds, aside from how they're disproportionately used against Black men, is how easily you can avoid doing any lasting damage with them. In fact, throughout our martial arts training we've been taught that, for centuries now, chokes have been used to avoid techniques that will definitely cause lasting harm. We've been choked unconscious dozens of times. We've had opponents ostensibly choose to be choked out by us rather than submit. When carefully applied and released, that is, when you're NOT TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE, the victim isn't likely to have anything worse than a headache.

If you know how to apply the choke and you aren't actually TRYING to kill them, they're going to be fine. It's much safer than a stun gun. It's much safer than knocking them out with strikes. It's practically the safest way we can think of with our 13 years of martial arts experience to subdue someone out-of-control.

You'd have to try hard to hurt someone with it. It ain't a razor-thin line.

when folx on here start packing guns that's 

bottom heat

Just as she's bout ready to cut it up
She said wait a minute, honey, I'm gonna add it up

Reminder to everyone: It's okay to be wrong, and to not have the full picture.

It's okay to be open to learn. And it's very okay to just sit down and be quiet.

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ADHD isn’t all cute and quirky and creative. It can be gross. It can be ugly. It can be painful. I forget to brush my teeth for days in a row. I have breakdowns over my nightly class readings. I have hella imposter syndrome. I zone out in the middle of important conversations


Trump is a literally a fascist and his supporters are all inbred backwards white supremacist nazis which is why we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Republicans to come up with common sense solutions

Poll for people with mental illnesses 

If you're seen at a doctor's office, urgent care, or hospital for a physical illness unrelated to your mental health, do you disclose your mental health diagnoses (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc) with the healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, etc) there or do you keep them to yourself?

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