would anyone care to share some happy memories with us? things feel really bleak as a system right now and we would love to hear some positivity you've managed to find over the years. <3

really NOT looking forward to merging with our old host and getting the trauma memories

wow. we just woke up from a dream where we had a system meeting and some unexpected faces showed up. and i think i discovered a new part of headspace? i could very distinctly tell when i was in the "dream" and when i was talking to actual alters.

has anyone else experienced system discovery stuff through dreaming????

everything is so loud i feel nauseous


someone's telling me to kill myself im trying im trying i tried it doesnt work i cant im stuck here forever i cant i want to die i cant


in sorry for posting on naels account but i don't have anywhere to go i should be dead but im here still i don't know what to do my gut says i need to kill the body i need to stop this i need it to stop i can't handle this all my friends hate me and don't know i'm dead i can't hear anyone else everyone is asleep or something i'm so scared i'm gonna hurt myself i don't know where i am i mean i do but i don't KNOW it im scared i don't know why i'm here please kill me please kill me please kill m

i made cole his own account here but he has such strong social aversion i doubt he's ever going to use it

we feel fine i guess. still having migraines, who knows what from. not eating enough, probably. or staring at computer screens all day. or maybe it's dissociation related. who knows.

in reality it's probably just the fact that everyone keeps quiet during the day as to not distract us from work and therefore keeping us financially safe

i feel like a Faker(tm) bc i'm the only one who's present at work and i feel like i should be constantly struggling with myself in order to feel valid


me: hey cole guess what i'm gonna do
cole: please don't say you're drink-

coworker: do you have any knowledge on trauma-informed care?
me: .......... yup

how do you politely tell someone without freaking them out "the person you think you're talking to is essentially dead now"

really worries me that i feel sooooo distant from what everyone calls the body irl

that kinda sounds, like, fake. like afaik you can't "control" your amnesia. but idk i feel like being aware of having it kinda helps manage it

i think now that i'm more aware of my switching i know how to better retain memory between switches

i didn't switch that much today which is an improvement maybe? idk i had way less amnesia than usual

i just got hit with a huge wave of exhaustion and i want to say it's system related but i don't know how it would be

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