I keep wanting to try out new pronouns because pronouns in general are weird, especially going from Japanese to English where I am already used to getting to play a lot with I pronouns but how does one begin? Especially one with no concept of gender.

RLT- So far nothing bad has happened, but it has gotten seen so hopefully it stays positive.
I really hope it just brings up positive discussion.

When you make a giant post on tumblr about a topic you find important and fear the results.

It seems another wants to join in the usage on this account. So another of the eldritch join the party.

Another sliver of progress. I'm happy but I want more.

We fixed the colour problem with the art computer. I am so happy

today I am excited to make some progress.

I am also quite nervous I won't because we must first find a way to fix the art computer.

It's colour is too off from the others. Bright blue looks dim greyish purple-blue on other computers. Black looks like a light grey. It's very hard to design characters when the colours are --that-- off for everyone else so what I am intending is not there for others to see

I am slowly getting us set up with a little milk and cookie to enjoy while we think of what to do today.
I have continued working on my sona but now I am a minor bit stuck while I plan out the next stage.

it is time to get some drink, get some food, and attempt the sona production line

the appointment went well, the travel was hard but we have made it through and are now safely resting again and able to interact now

Wish we could just wake up and start having fun here, but we cannot until after our appointment later in the day. I hope it goes well

Exciting before we went to bed we got accepted to join. Hello!

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.