medical debt, disability, poverty 

Today has been emotionally taxing
I had to call the billing dept of some hospital because I have to prove to them I'm poor

but the things they need are so inaccessible to me

and I have to somehow call the IRS to prove I don't file taxes because I don't get enough in SSDI and SSI

and like they won't just accept my benefits verification letter and a copy of my lease & utility bills

I don't understand and I literally cannot afford to pay

mutual aid request 

Now that rent and my utilities are paid I'm broke again :/

I still have some things I really, really can't skip buying this month

Any help is amazing
Boosts welcome and appreciated

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Hello friends

I am back asking for help in order to get essential stuff that I am almost or entirely out of at this point

Any help is appreciated

Boosts welcome

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Rambles about sleep, sleep disorders, some body weird 

So, I was watching a video compilation about the science of sleep...and I had a series of thoughts and questions

so, I wonder, do we (as in human science) have an explanation for people like me that are more naturally inclined to be ready to go to bed/sleep between 3am-9am and wake up naturally/easily between 12:30pm and 2pm?

I usually only sleep for 3-4 hours at a time, sometimes I can go back to sleep, sometimes I cannot

This is the way I have always been, ever since I was 10 or so

and it's very, very tiring to hear that nocturnal people don't exist, that this isn't my *real* circadian rhythm, because it if wasn't, at least one or more of all the various sleep solutions many different doctors and therapists have helped me try these last 2 decades would have resulted in my circadian rhythm being "corrected" or changed to be more "normal"

I have not felt rested from sleep since I was 15 years old and I am 36 now

Not a single doctor or psychiatrist or therapist has ever had an answer for me

I don't have sleep apnea, I don't have narcolepsy, I have been tested multiple times for these and more

No one can tell me why my body/brain wants to sleep in the morning and be awake at night instead

So, if the usual medical culprits are not to blame, sleep hygiene adjustments haven't helped at all, ever, and this is just how my body has been over the last 20 years, what options are left?

is this really a disorder or is it just that our society/world is set up for the majority of typical circadian rhythm havers and people like me just have to suffer?

Mutual aid request, financial aid, $ for food 

I am running low on some of my staple foods

(lactose free milk is a big one because I cook with it as well as eat it with cereal as an easy food)

I know lots of us are scraping by
if anyone could help out, I'd be really grateful

Boosts welcome and appreciated

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please have make a small patch to update so I can see how many times I've used my tools

that'd be super helpful

Mutual aid request, financial aid, asking for help to buy some food 

Hey y'all, it's me again

I'm low on food at home and won't get grocery money for about 4 days

If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it

Boosts welcome and appreciated as well

Thanks as always y'all

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mutual aid, trans & disabled friend in need 

Hey fedi friends

This one isn't for me

My best friend has needed parts for their wheelchair for months

and twice now as of today the place has ordered the wrong parts

they can't afford to keep paying 40 dollars each time for the wrong parts

they told me that there's an option to go in person, but it's 80 dollars and they definitely can't afford it

y'all my friend and their lovely gf (who is also trans and disabled) can barely afford to eat

they can't give out their paypal for safety reasons, so I offered to help

my paypal is

anything will help


Plus size clothes, costumes, big gripe 

I have wanted a pink dinosaur or dragon kigurumi for ages

The problem I've run into is size

And really what I mean is that my being fat is not the problem

The actual issue is that none of the costumes of pink dinosaurs I can find online come in sizes above XL

I am much bigger than that

I need *at least* a 4XL, maybe bigger idk

I've never worn one, so I'm not sure if I would want more room or not

What I am sure of though is that this is not fair or good for anyone

I'm really just griping about not being able to find anything like this in my size

It's disheartening

mutual aid requeast 

I could use some help buying medicine and toilet paper

boosts welcome and appreciated

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pls DM for Venmo

I really appreciate anything, including boosts

FFXIV question:

Does anyone know of a place outside of the game where people advertise their FCs?

I would like to join one, but I want to see who's recruiting first and if they have a description etc

FFXIV doesn't have the equivalent of a guild finder, only party finder

Grateful for any ideas
Boosts ok

Made a new toon on FFXIV but in a different server


My goal is to make them a dark knight

Cordial Gloom is agender like me
Haven't decided on pronouns yet, so just they until I decide

Asking for $ to buy food 

I am loathe to ask, but I also need to eat and my body has just been a worse time than usual lately

I haven't been able to stand up long enough to make anything

If anyone could send me anything so I can order something to eat, I would be eternally grateful

Boosts are also super helpful

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DM if you want/need to use Venmo

Thanks y'all

does anyone know if there are any decent witchcraft-centric places to go be online at?

It doesn't have to be mastodon

I'm especially interested if they are hedge witch/low magick- centric

Mutual aid request 

I'm sorry to make another post for this, but the original got buried and so did the boosts

I just have more costs this month than disability money is gonna cover

I really appreciate any help
And boosts are super welcome

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Thanks y'all

re: Mutual aid request 

Just boosting since it can only be retooted by me once

Grateful for anything
Boosts welcome and appreciated

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Mutual aid request 

I have a lot of extra bills coming up in October and I anticipate coming up short

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give

Boosts are welcome and appreciated too

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My cash app is on my profile

Ask me for venmo deets

Thanks y'all

Mutual aid request 

I am so sorry to be asking again

But apparently my insurance didn't cover the ER visit in July and I only am just now being informed

The bill isn't as outlandish as it could be, but I still literally can't afford it

Anything helps

Boosts welcome and appreciated

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