watching the new game changer episode on dropout and I love that Erika has just decided to perch on a stump like a Gremlin
Such a Vibe

I'm bored
what am I supposed to do without discord?
where are all the little people in my pocket? /lighthearted

Our rabbit won't let me bribe her with a treatum to pet her
I wanna give her a rice treat and pet her but when I tried to touch her she ran back into her tunnels :(((
I threw the treat in there anyways, I heard her munching on it

Long post, spoon theory 

The way we see it, there are 3 different kinds of spoons

Physical Spoons
Literally how much physical energy you have
Low spoons looks like: exhaustion, pain, loss of fine motor control/clumsiness
Caused by: physical exhertion, injury, chronic pain
Can be recouped by: resting, using equipment like braces or canes

Mental Spoons
How much mental energy you can devote to tasks
Low spoons looks like: difficulty communicating, inability to focus, being tired but not physically able to fall asleep(if physical spoons arent low), loss of fine motor control
Caused by: intense mental exhertion like working on a difficult subject, pain, pushing self while on low physical and emotional spoons
Can be recouped by: consuming low effort media you enjoy, doing mindless tasks

Emotional Spoons
How much energy you can devote to handling emotions, your own or other people's
Low spoons looks like: inability to care, difficulty handling emotions, difficulty/inability to handle difficult topics
Caused by: high emotions for a longer period of time, taking care of other people's issues, being overwhelmed, pushing self while low on physical or mental spoons
Can be recouped by: spending time with people or things that make you happy, focusing on yourself and not worrying about other people's problems for awhile

We find emotional spoons are the hardest to recoup, and take the most time. If you feel like you're getting low on any of these spoons, take a step back, if you can, and focus on trying to gain them back. I will say that the "can be recouped by" is our methods of recouping. There may be other things that help you better! If you have different methods that work better for you, do those! And just remember to be kind to yourselves~

tfw you learn how a specific bit of architecture in your system functions and realize just how badly one of your sysmates fucked you over years ago 🙄​

we're starting a new job on monday and need to flip our sleep schedule around by then(cuz it's nightshift) so guess who's staying up as late as possible to change their sleep schedule tonight!!

why am I so fuzzy today....... I just wanna help people on discord and work on our neocities, why is this making me so fuzzyyyyyyyyy

our neocities is now 3/4 complete, all it needs is the specific information about the different layers

talk about work, breakdowns 

we're quitting our job, we decided. it's too much for us. we can't keep up with the calls, and the people don't talk clearly an then they get mad when you can't unnerstan em. i'm tired of it. tha only person who wants to stay is Cres, and Cres jus wants ta finish the week. We tried but we had a breakdown today so we can't finish the week. We're looking for a new job, an we got enough saved up for a couple weeks. Hopefully we find somefing good really soon.

can't wait for training to be over so i can finally start waking up at a reasonable time of day again.... every day i'm so exhausted right now and it's not helping me be good at learning this stuff..

Just realized I never posted a picture of the final product, lol. Here's how it turned out!!!

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Otw to the party location, gonna frost it there cuz its *hot* today and a long drive down there, so its just safer to frost on-location

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Today, im making a *wedding cake*!!! My sibling is eloping and we're doing a small party for it, and ive insisted on making a cake. Lesse how it comes out~

Halfhearted attempt at taco salad. Added the cheese too early which is why its not visible. Green an red bell peppers, red onion, meat, lettuce. Food I guess. We need to do more baking we have no carbs.

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