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She dug her toes into the dirt and raised her arms.

As the wind struck her, she shivered; skin whorled and hardened into bark. Fingers lengthened and fractured into branches. Hair bloomed into narrow silver leaves.

She grew and twisted and changed, shifting from a girl into a narrow white-barked tree.

And thus, she let the seasons pass, and woke again in better times.

#microfiction #TootFic

(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

Self-diagnosis is okay.
Looking at the ICD/DSM, talking to people diagnosed with it, researching and *finding that this is what your life is like* is okay.
You don't have to go to a doctor, you don't have to experience every single minor symptom, you don't have to "always had it". No.
If you find something that explains everything perfectly and that is what you need, then diagnose yourself.

If you need specific accommodations, talk to a doctor or otherwise medical professional, because that's something the system needs. If you find that their advice isn't helpful, talk to the next one. Talk to everyone until you find someone who understands.

I also don't always have the energy to follow that advice, but it still influences my way of approaching the journey to health.

(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

@the_panda_system not unpopular these days we hope, definitely not in the circles we travel in ourselves. beings helping other beings was always the standard once upon a time, we only went to those with specialised knowledge when it was something the rest of the community didn't know how or wasn't equipped to deal with. we all have access to a lot more names for things now, a lot more access to the same knowledge and in many cases at least basic training in the methodologies required to look at a problem and put a name to it.

More plural acceptance worldwide, plz.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

sometimes drinking salt is good for you and sometimes drinking salt is bad for you it is a mystery and humans are confusing

[ editor's note: this applies only to solutions in common solvents and only to some salts. drinking melted salt is basically always bad ]

re: system stuff, health 

@serpens sometimes being someone else is like a fever-dream we can revisit even when we're not ill; people showing up when sick makes complete sense to us

In all seriousness, how does anyone actually choose an instance to use and keep using it unless they host their own (especially together as a plural system)? Is it just a matter of posting sporadically on a half dozen instances until one (or a few) accounts gather enough perceived momentum and the others drop away?

genitals, medical procedural, gore? 

@AzureHusky they gave ours to students first who wrote up reports and for some reason those got sent to us?? sometimes we go back and read it and think about someone carefully dissecting them and taking notes, it's like being in a special sort of trans heaven

thought suppression, memories, panic 

definitely something we've had happen, often due to someone leading us away from patterns that they've noticed bring up memories they'd rather keep hidden

it usually feels about the same whether it's because they're embarrassed about what happened or because they're being protective and trying to prevent a panic attack or similar response

@Elizafox maybe all the private launch companies are just trying to smuggle bootleg experiments to the ISS

@nova thank you for sharing such great bingo cards!! we literally have a tenderqueer t-shirt this is so great

re: plural 

@nova lol yep, we have two, one of which has like 20 channels for different subsystems and projects

@nova thank you, we just learned that we can save a file as "✨ bingo.jpeg" (this is going to lead to wonderful or terrible things)

we'll be back soon with our results

@setsuna Speaking of social anxiety, we somehow haven't even looked through our notifications for a whole six months?? We're in Seattle, but we've also done almost nothing in regards to putting anything together yet, soooo. 🤷


@kaminohana If you find out we'd be interested in knowing. Several members of our system are essentially remnants of gods that have been left behind by visitations/possessions. How much of a god they are at any given time seems to expand or contract based on how much of their attention is turned on us.

They're mostly gods of abstract concepts that are simultaneously difficult for us to describe and that have simple names like Knowledge, Crossing Thresholds, Water, Fire, etc.

Google incorporated alphabet so they could change their motto from "don't be evil" to "evil is just one of our many enterprises."

social anxiety 

oh no we're trying to put together a local plural community

this is terrifying

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