childhood, species dysphoria 

We basically used to imagine this to get to sleep at night. We'd want to be taken away with the other children like us, even played out alien abduction and transformation scenes after our parents went to bed sometimes. Hoping that someone would recognise that something was wrong and we weren't supposed to be growing up in a human body. We thought for a long time we were just transgender, maybe just hoped it was a solution. It's part of one, but


childhood, species dysphoria 

We were stuffed animals and robots and rabbits and cats and then eventually they gave us Zoobooks and instead of 'learning' the lesson that there were many species and we were a certain one, we figured out that there was no way we knew what we were. No one wanted to help us figure out who we were or how to fix what felt wrong. We'd been pushed into the human category and they wouldn't let us leave. It's no wonder we have difficulty learning to communicate with humans.

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