Google incorporated alphabet so they could change their motto from "don't be evil" to "evil is just one of our many enterprises."

social anxiety 

fuckit starting a discord for #mastoadmin s

come in and seek and give council and wisdom's to your fellow instance admins

q: but i hate you anna you stupid tankie fuck
a: get over yourself this is for adminning mastodon instances

q: theres nothing here
a: i just started it 5 minutes ago

Moana's frustration at trying to stop yearning for the horizon mirrors the cycle of trying to bury ones gender only to have it keep coming back and hurting us again

[security guards appear from backstage]

She lives her life according to the ideals of her rather who teaches her that it's impossible to shape her genetic legacy!


Trinity: My name's Trinity.

Neo: *The* Trinity? Who drew the comic about lesbian wolves on the run from the law?

Trinity: That was a long time ago.

Neo: Jesus...

Trinity: What?

Neo: I just thought... you were a guy.

Trinity: I thought so too.

Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the femboy in the short skirt?

Neo: I was...

Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.

[the femboy is now a trans girl deer with antlers wearing a t-shirt that says "down with cis." she holds out a hand toward neo with the Communist Manifesto]

Early unit of computing power: one "kilogirl" was equivalent to a thousand hours of manual computing labor

heckin wow we've been a lot of people (and a few notpeople) today. sleep time though. maybe tomorrow we'll share some stories or poetry if we make it back to mastodon. we're going to be busy making final checks on the data we've been working on pulling out of our Creative Cloud account before we start shutting it down.

partner got this email in his inbox and i feel like i've found the official human incarnation of Horny Mastodon

I fucking love trans people so much.

I don't know anyone other group who do honestly and joyfully pursues *who they are*, what they want, as trans people. I'm not even talking about in gender. So many of us have, in realizing we can break out of our assigned gender, realized that none of the boxes we are forced into have to apply. We patch together amazing, unique selves out of our real, honest interests and desires. Its so fucking beautiful.

please try mewing today if you have never done it before! it is fun. you do not have to be a catte to do a mew!

:mew: :blobcat:

one method by which some new system members arrive 

there is essentially so much art of the two of them early in their time in our system. we should draw (lol) or commission some current representations for these two. Elsa has settled into being a fanfic-encompassing memetic subsystem of her own that occasionally buds off entire new system members. meanwhile Anna has mostly moved on to being an Agent trying to keep anyone from unraveling the collectively constructed reality of the Prime Continuum. they are still so gay.

childhood, species dysphoria 

childhood, species dysphoria 

Out taking pictures with in the snow here in Seattle and it is so beautiful.

We were missing snow again.

~Elsa ❄️

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