a fursuit that's actually an elaborate life support system/mech like a mecha meets Darth Vader's suit

Systems be like: "we're all in this together~"

"To assist you with your search, please tell me about your ideal partner."

"Cephalopods. I mean, a great partner, to me, is like a cephalopod. Highly intelligent, problem solver, can throw down or cause a clever distraction to get away depending on the situation and has a preference for sea-food. Also, excellent hugger. That's a must."

The matchmaker steepled six of her hands thoughtfully, "I don't suppose you're into Lego™?"

"I am!"

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If it plural and none of u take charge in bed u r a subsystem

It is a horrible day in the village, and you are a beautiful goose.

That little 'click' of relief when you positively identify who's fronting boost if u agree

whiskers for cars so they know what spaces they can fit their head into

All 'friend groups' count as polyamourous relationships

you ever see a phone and just wanna.... crunch it? just take a biiiiig tasty bite out of the gorilla glass and retina display and lpddr?


i mean ha ha what?

someone outside my window is saying "good boy... very good boy..." and since this is capitol hill i can't tell if they're talking to their dog or their boyfriend or possibly both in one

Masculine, formal: gentleman
Mascline, informal: fella, bro
Feminine, formal: lady
Feminine, informal: lass, gorl
Enby, formal: gentleperson
Enby, informal: creature, being

jokes probably been made before but

fae asks for your name, you give them your deadname
they think theyve won, then with a smile you say "im finally free"

alternatively wheres our trans ally fae who visits trans folks if they leave out offerings to take their deadname for them

seattle snow 

so much pretty snowing last night, the snow leopards loved it

there was a group of young adults in the street with a sled for a while and they had a dog who was pulling them around

we even took our partner's cat outside to walk around in it for a bit (she does not seem to especially enjoy snow though)

She dug her toes into the dirt and raised her arms.

As the wind struck her, she shivered; skin whorled and hardened into bark. Fingers lengthened and fractured into branches. Hair bloomed into narrow silver leaves.

She grew and twisted and changed, shifting from a girl into a narrow white-barked tree.

And thus, she let the seasons pass, and woke again in better times.

#microfiction #TootFic

(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

Self-diagnosis is okay.
Looking at the ICD/DSM, talking to people diagnosed with it, researching and *finding that this is what your life is like* is okay.
You don't have to go to a doctor, you don't have to experience every single minor symptom, you don't have to "always had it". No.
If you find something that explains everything perfectly and that is what you need, then diagnose yourself.

If you need specific accommodations, talk to a doctor or otherwise medical professional, because that's something the system needs. If you find that their advice isn't helpful, talk to the next one. Talk to everyone until you find someone who understands.

I also don't always have the energy to follow that advice, but it still influences my way of approaching the journey to health.

More plural acceptance worldwide, plz.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

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