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We're The Mist System, a traumagenic system of 8, known on tumblr as tarotsunset (main blog url). We've got about 4-5 more active fronting members and the rest tend to stay in headspace.

Current fronter, a.k.a. Me, Is Uta, I'm a Tokyo Ghoul fictive and (heh) built a sort of a name for myself with some fanwork for the manga series.

We draw and stuff. Feel free to talk to us, we don't bite!

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wow there we fucken go took 3% of my fucken battery life n bout 5min to post a single toot on our phone im /this/ far from breakin somethin

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Click the picture. I beg you. I caught him mid stretch.

pissed cuz ik I cant articulate myself n no matter what id have to walk on eggshells anyway ffs
discourse culture sucks ass

Good mornin yall. its 8:30am. Im sleepy af n wanna go back to bed oof

Hi weve been sorta ehh on socializin today. anyway im hostin for a while cuz we take turns on that w Uta so ya. gon hang out w our collective? bff tomorrow an its late as shit but w/e. were doin aight ig?

Guys, be careful who you retoot from in the next few weeks as lots of aphobes from Tumblr are pouring into Mastodon, especially in the instance. Almost all of them are also transmed/truscum or truscum adjacent as well.

yknow what I fucken hate wakin up early fuck this psychologist for makin me drag my ass up at 7am

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so I gave us a planchette tattoo by hand, took a few hours and some corrections but it turned out really good, gonna post pics soon! -Uta

planchette tattoo, crystal ball tattoo, tree tattoo or rose/floral tattoo? for our left arm

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Ironically Matt left almost immediately after hitting "Toot!", but it allows me an opportunity to introduce myself too ^^

My name is Salava, (He/Him), my name stands for the brittle willow tree in Finnish, I'm the caretaker and sort of a secondary protector of our system. I am an "animal alter", however completely able to speak and comprehend just as well as the more humanlike members. My form is a large, brown & black wolf with orange eyes. Nice to meet you all!


Ah... Hello

Uta asked me earlier if I'd like to introduce myself and originally I wasn't going to, but since I ended up at front I might as well after all. I'm Matthew, I was the host of this system before Uta and these days spend quite a lot of time in the headspace. I'm quite socially anxious and such... I'm very vaguely based on a fictive, but we assume I sort of? merged? and now am mostly just myself and not based on anyone but me.

here's some old art...

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Same face syndrome but... I like doodling busts on my spare time. Daniel did parts of the lineart for his own portrait last night, but I finished and coloured both. In the pictures, art of me (Uta, a tokyo ghoul fictive) and our protector Daniel whose skin tone is incredibly hard to get right.

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new icon based on one of the stick & poke tats the body has~ -Uta

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