but ya our instagram is @themistsystem feel free n go follow lmao

discussion on discourse / endo gatekeepin 

some changes in the system, updatin here after a long time lol:

Toby, who weve thought to be a fragment actually fronted for a full day n revealed he aint as much a fragment as we thought, jus extremely quiet n possibly sorta mute?? altho im not familiar w different kindsa mutism or the symptoms/crit for it

Also the two kiddos, unnamed littles who dont rly speak english have come forwards a few times now n usually come close to front when were goin to bed lol. Still dunno much bout em, but the ages are more clearly like, 4-5 & 1-2 yrs old, not rly 100% on this tho but ya, theyre v young


Alcohol cw// 

its pride in our city in fuckall, nowhere but like we goin, lol

ptsd symptoms/ 

I sleep like shit, I feel like shit, but hey at leas we start uni today

food, sorta lewd ment for memez 

food, memey pda ment 

Adulting is boring, I wanna draw but theres dishes to do...
- (Spell)

Meeting our possible new therapist for the first time today! Nervous but also sort of excited, we haven't been in therapy in a while and it's about time
- Uta

Thoughts on negative experiences/abuse in childhood 

triggers, no trauma details but talkin bout our reaction etc/ 

An again 2hrs have passed. today was hella rough for us, flashbacks n some bad switches. Still feelin the physical effects of that too but im gettin there.

Met another 1 of our roommates today. She was aight, looks like we got an english student, a psych student an a culture studies student (us lol) in the same house which seems like a good combo lol

yooo we livin on our own now, moved yesterday mdudes

Its the end of the heatwave an NOW mum decides to mention we gotta fan we could put in my room? Ffs

When people talk about their childhoods and get nostalgic over stuff they remember doing as kids:

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