traumas & Nightmares, question 

silly pda because renji is visiting me/us 


switching talk 

Uta was worried because he said our tooth looked a bit crooked or someyhing but I didn't notice anything ?? :0

Flowers ig. made em into a grid cause pic limit n shit but here yall go, spells flower photography -D

its real fkn hot here n spell keeps takin pics of flowers n shit when we go outside. who wants to see some flowers lmao

cont. trauma, phys symptoms, dissociation talk 

nothing quite as fun as getting triggered in a safe space because 1 person didn't care to read the room

food talk, disease ment 

last night I could barely sleep cause of how warm its become and im not used to it :< and this morning ive lost my appetite because of the warmth ;;_;; its not even THAT hot outside im just not used to it last time I fronted it was still super cold and stuff it was I think in mid april so it was cold here stillใƒฝ(``~โˆ†~)/

Helloo !! I hope everyones gonna have a nice day today/tomorrow and all week !! ^_^
- Spell

hey im frontstuck and had gorey nightmares ๐Ÿ™ƒ

We have been accepted into a university. Not our first pick, so we're still waiting for the rest of the results to come in, but it's soothing to know that we're not left hanging or anything- we have a future for sure.

first time I ever washed our hair with this new coconut milk conditioner I have and it immediately feels super silky and soft and healthy??? damn

reminder to those who need it 

iโ€™m probably just gonna... boost this daily tbh.

survivors arenโ€™t always going to be kind and considerate or Pure and sweet or even non-toxic.

we pick up bad behaviors in order to survive sometimes.

sometimes we are angry and harsh and overwhelmed.

stop dismissing us just because you donโ€™t like us.

aint syscourse, but mentions it 

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