Finding words 

Is there a word you can use to say "the partner of my headmate"?

Is your plushie cuter that this? I accept and expect photo evidence.

You think plushies are only for kids? Then how do you explain this?

I am fronting! :) At least right now. Breakfast is almost ready, hopefully I can front for a little longer so I can paint a bit after breakfast.

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I hope I get to front tomorrow. I want to continue the bunny painting I started a while ago :)

We got a package. Addressed to Mia. And neither we nor our partner we're living with ordered it. (Or at least we don't remember.)

And we're confused. x)

And curious. But it's addressed to Mia, so she should open it herself.


Watching Lilo and Stitch for the first time today :)

Food, not-vegan but vegetarian 

Okay, so to use up all the chocolate we chipped we changed the plan a bit. The last two batches are now dark cookies with triple chocolate and "classic" double chocolate chip cookies :3

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Food, not-vegan but vegetarian 

We're baking cookies! They are supposed to taste similar to those at Subway :)

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are in oven right now, an the dough for M&M cookies is ready.

We probably wanna make triple chocolate cookies as well and dark cookies with chocolate and white chocolate chips.

I forget that I don't have to sign on this account, only I'm using it right now :)

I want to bake cookies.

Maybe the other people living here who are not in the same body as me want to help. I should ask them :)

I want to watch The Land Before Time! We watched that very very long ago and don't remember anything but I really like dinosaurs! :)

Hello :)

I made an account just for me because some people the grown ups want to follow say they don't want minors following.

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