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was wondering when someone would respond to this shit-tier meme

had a dream where i was accosted by a dracula, but i kept a bloo bloo bloo'ing him every time he tried to say something, so eventually he got fed up & left

this was an extremely on-brand dream for me. it went like

dracula: h-
me: a bloo bloo blooo
me (holding hands with first 2 fingers extended to face, miming fangs): i vant to sukh yur blud! blehh!
dracula: ok you know what fuck this. fuck you

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this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a thing, and it's more that you need to not expect people to meet the standard of having an ideology unless you want to be constantly disappointed and enraged when your le epic dunks and rational logic facts don't convince anyone

(especially if you're on the left and try this on the right; they're powered by spite and cruelty and racism and misogyny and any foundational principles they've developed are justifications to ensure the people with power keep power)

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very few people have a coherent ideology, where all tenets line up and make sense alongside each other (or where contradictions are acknowledged as thorny problems that are nonetheless worth working through)

we just have beliefs ingrained by a lifetime of enculturation and personal experiences, and a series of hastily-constructed justifications for why we believe them, most of which are both a: wrong and b: will be forgotten about by the next time it comes up


Vous trouvez la gestion de crise sanitaire du gouvernement catastrophique ? Ça tombe bien, je vais jouer à Bastion et vous allez voir que ça peut toujours être pire.

#QueerAntenne #SylvhemStream #Bastion

isolation, confinement 

meta relations, posi 

my cat is being so cute

(cat face upside down in blanket burrito peeking around the side of computer)

MOOC attention 

remember how it felt like every single game on the nintendo 64 was called Video Game 64 and we all make fun of that now

now we have skyrim vr and doom vfr and la noire vr case files and fallout 4 vr and batman arkham vr and new emojis (screen reader unfriendly) 

registrations are open on this instance (owned by @kyzh )

i'm a mod, welcome!

Marre des mots en -ette pour désigner le féminin? Toi aussi, appelle les mecs avec des mots en -et!

– Garçonnet
– Bacheloret
– Geeket
– etc.

System stuff, racial politics💙 

K: you all are nerds and i love you

yes you

and you

and yes. even you

à propos de chirurgie esthétique 

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