Fusako Shigenobu; founder of the Japanese Red Army, she dedicated her life to building a radical international left, both in Japan, and in the Middle East where she sought the liberation of Palestine.

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In the past decade, I've experienced burnout myself and seen other people get damaged in various ways. It is a common misconception to consider burnout a flaw of those who can't handle a "fast-paced" environment, but it is a much deeper and layered problem.

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Put my shit together after reading an articles on multiplicity and how imaginary friends can become alters and fragments. and asked to my mum if I had an imaginary friends, when I was a child. I thought I hadn’t because I hadn’t any memories about it.

My mom: oh yes, it’s appeared just after the start of [the disease which disabled me few years when I was child]

Obviously it had to be connected at this time of my life locked away from me under the “trauma” label. From those times, I just kept some blurry flashes and factual information which seems disconnected from me.

Fuck my life.

Il est temps de refaire mon post de présentation, l'ancien est vraiment pas à jour. 

Bonjour le fédiverse !

Je suis Eva,

Amatrices d'Étiquette. Système médian d'origines mixtes & transfem genderqueer demi-girl quasi-genderfæ. Aro-Ace polyamoureuse et pseudokinky. Le neuroqueer dans toute sa splendeur.

Gourou de Secte. Chimère bioélectromagique des Flux glorifiée par le Culte des Merveilles chargé d'avoir la flemme à notre place pendant qu'on se charge de rendre le temps et la gravité non-binaires.Et païenne ásatro-wiccane aussi.

Amatrice de Shitpost. Anarcho-féodaliste xénolunatique de gauche circulaire et enthéologue tranSensuelle consommatrice de stupidogènes.

Antiartiste Agnostique. Mère de multiples bots, conceptrice de moult sites, prédéveloppeuse de nombreux jeux, belle plume qui ne sait rien dire, dessinatrice de copies non-conformes, modèle pour mauvais photographes, ancienne wannabe twitcheuse trop anxieuse pour reprendre le stream ...

Je suis Eva, disais-je donc, et je vous salue bien bas.
Puisse votre passage sur mon profil vous être agréable, et les heures qui suivent être douces comme un babaj <3

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Well, I would to write this on my private account, but the instance seems down. So, I’ll try to write it here, in english. My apoligies if I do languages mistakes.

So, my big trouble with plurality when it comes to me is: is it a special interest or am I drawned to it because I’m involved?

’cause, yeah, I already lived that with alterhumanity: it starts as a special interest at my early teens, when I discover the concept, turns out 2020, I discovered I’m postfurry and 2021, I discovered I’m otherkin.

So, I’m just very confused about all this stuff. What is a clue, what isn’t? Seems not very clear, in my case. ’cause I have some common experiences with systems, but it could be a simple effect of my C-PTSD, because C-PTSD symptoms and DID/OSDD symptoms have a big overlap.

I figure I’ll stay in the fog for some times again…

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Si jamais vous subissez un commentaire / une agression transphobe dans un train, notamment si ça vient d'un·e controleurse : *faites-le moi savoir*, avec autant de précisions possibles (numéro du train, date, ce qui s'est passé, morphologie de l'agent sncf si c'est d'ellui que vient l'agression).

Je ferai remonter à l'asso Gare!, qui organise notamment des formations sur la transidentité pour le personnel SNCF, et qui peut saisir les instances internes ad hoc.

DID study 

Separating Fact from Fiction: An Empirical Examination of Six Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder


(Post in french because video in french)

Chouette, une vidéo francophone de qualité sur la tulpamancie. Ça fait plaisir à voir.


To all my neo-pronoun, xenogender, otherkin, non-human, and otherwise "weird gender" friends
Y'all are amazing and I love y'all. Keep being unapologetically yourselves.

I was today years old that I discovered this meme came from Yu-Gi-Oh

récapitulatif de ce qui est disponible !
- 4 dragons galaxie
- 2 chats sorcières
- 3 chats coussins
- 2 gros chats licorne
- 1 t-rex

entre 40 e et 63 e !

il faut me vider mon stock ewe j'apprécie tous les RT !


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Are you plural and if yes, does your system have tulpas? I’m mostly curious, but I also would find cool to befriend other tulpamancers.

(for definitions:

is there anyone here close to be a dollkin? (like, I’m not really one but it’s close to) or just considering their body like a flesh puppet?

'cause I’m considering buying fleshdoll(s).net, and I would like to know if anyone is interested

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