full depth vaginoplasty trans resource request, :boost_ok: 

hey, a friend of ours is having a lot of worry about how her end results are going to look. her surgeon never really gave her pictures of the healing process, and just basically told her she can't really judge how it looks until it's better healed up in about three months.

does anyone have resources where people have shared pics of theirs while it's healing, or otherwise ways to help her either know she should be worried or be more sure things are going fine?

something small in life my goes wrong: *holds a stuffed animal*

something big in life my goes wrong: *HOLDS A LARGE STUFFED ANIMAL*

Cofronting and eating can be wired.

Me and Marina cofronted and ate somthing with things what we liked and it was deliciuos.
But while eating, she stopped cofronting and was was gross. 😄​

CW Transphobia, Mental Health 

I've deleted our Twitter Account because there is so much transphobia and hate at the moment. It is unbearable.
and my Mental health is on a lowpoint. Is was on the way of recovery but no, this had thrown me back in to this hole where i tried to get out.

Being plural is not funny.

It f*ing hurts, often.

intersex discrimination, genitals, nothing new really 

fucked up that society can decide that someone's genitals are Wrong and may have them changed before they can speak, but when someone doesn't like their own genitals some people will scream and they'll have a hard time getting the surgery they desire


Marina turned the oven on to make a little bit of food and than we switched.
And i "forgot" there is food in the oven an it is turned on.
But we got lucky and i saw the light in the kitchen.
But the feelings are not pleasant at the moment.

Hello, we are the Mermaid-System and would say "Hello World"

We are a newly discovered system of 6 (as far as I know) and looking into the future and hope find freinds.


Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.