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re: horny 

buff!Many are real and they could hurt you

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re: horny 

literally just like, lifting ourselves into the air

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we were using our vibrator in our chair at our desk, and honestly the way we tensed up, we just sort of lifted ourself entirely from our chair by our elbows on the armrests

plural joking, no harm meant by this subpost 

singlets: my inner child
systems: ... just one?

Explicit nudity, genitals, 18+ 

I dont know what to say

lewd art / Explicit sexual Nudity 18+ pls 

Is this self insert? (Probably)

snake who cannot cook and do things bc no arms/octopus who has many arms and cooks and cleans

gay pairing ideas

This year's limited 100-count run of TRANS QVP MASKS are ON SALE NOW!! All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawai'i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky! Grab one here-- they're gonna go fast!

ask me anything 

i'm going to continue a small trend amongst some mutuals with an "ask me anything" type thread

i'll put responses in the main thread, separated from your replies, and you can DM if you like

re: food 

It was supposed to be 32 but I have dyscalculia and eyeballed the filling badly

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it is a tuesday and i'm about to be done making thirty entire fucking apple turnovers


fuck i cut up 15 apples and now i have no more to cut

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fuck i'm out of apples to peel now i'm only cutting them

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peeling apples to the beat of in love with a ghost songs is some fun stuff

"ugh, fine. just try not to get any on my dress this time, okay?"

(selfie, no ec, boost okay)

re: ask me anything 

q: "what are regular interests/ hobbies that someone might have that put you off the most? Doesn't have to be justified, just whatever puts you personally off"

a: oh this question is very interesting. i feel like fitness is probably one, but like, a lot of my answers to this are going to be very based in like "tenatively, mostly biased based on red flags"

ie fitness because it increases the likelihood of fatmisia and ableism, anime because -gestures at anime fans-, that kind of thing? even fishing is one i might sit with a cool hypothetical lesbian who enjoys it and just entertain their company

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re: ask me anything 

q: "anything?"
a: i will destroy you (affectionate)

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