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restructuring this identity into The Main Online Identity, slowly, i think

petplay kink, disability 

being washed by your kinky service pet in the shower is really really nice, in case any disabled dom(me)s are thinking about it

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petplay kink, disability 

thinking about our service dog today as with many days, he's such a good pup

knifeplay posting, bloodplay 

idly thinking about pretty knives dripping with blood that we catch with our tongue

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intro, nudes 

just a little for the going around

we are Many, or the/a manifold mindmesh. we have other accounts around, and have been on here for a while. we're happy to give technical explanations and then go "yeah, it sucks"

this is our Main public-ish account now, and it's also the one where we'll be posting nudes and kink stuff and the like.

follow request as you please, but read our bio carefully!

i wonder if we've ever made a hashed-tag introductions post on this account before

Hi friends! I'm going to be having a little internet garage sale to both slim down on all the possessions i have and also i could use a little extra money. Boosts are greatly appreciated! πŸ’š
i'll be replying to this post with a thread of what i'm selling

-poses sexily on a loveseat-

-but only digitally, not actually with the real loveseat directly near flux-

buff bikini lady bby 

here's something that isn't boring (hopefully). buff lady!!! heavily referenced from photo, but i can get away with that if i call it a study, right? πŸ‘€

#mastoart #figuredrawing

thinkin' about what if i didn't crosspost to twitter and instead tailored my posts to that site

i'd probably use mastodon less (good, lol) or twitter less (i mean, also good i guess)

i think dire lesbian representation is important. this is why we have an 8 foot tall OC

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