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regularly scheduled horny 

her being covered in hickeys n marks helps seal the moment though

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idk if anything is better than the feeling of someone snoring, arm around you, holding for dear life as they sleep on your chest

Lewdity, painplay, blood, could be nails/claws/knives, dealer's choice 

Feeling the point start to press deeper into my skin, knowing if it goes much farther it'll draw blood, knowing I don't get to make that choice.

space shanty about getting fucked by all your besties aboard your big gay spaceship

breathplay kink, tentacles 

we're a simple system, we simply wish to think of tentacles that strangle us, then when we gasp for air, shove down our throat, and replace everything that we breathe with some oddly breathable part of their slimey biology as they fill our throat completely!

tech kink, intimacy 

A robot spiking their fan speed for a second or two to gently shush the distressed partner they're cuddling

bumper sticker that says "where did i even put this bumper sticker, i don't own a car"

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bumper sticker that says my other girlfriend is prompto from final fantasy 15

no context 

i can and will fight the power of a logarithmic function

cg/l kink titles, findom kink adjacent 

a cute gay said "forfeit all mortal possessions to nonnies" and it gave us thoughts and we're gay

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