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re: onlyfans, blugh 

to be clear, expected doesn't mean condoning it or like, accepting it. we just had a bad feeling about the site and now we have that confirmed and it fucking sucks

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onlyfans, blugh 

gods, we honestly had a bad feeling onlyfans would do the "no sexual content, just the nice kinda non-pornographic nudity that doesn't get us in trouble with our payment processors" thing when we were looking into it ages ago and it was more like... everyone knew about onlyfans as a place sex workers were on, but onlyfans is like. "look at this site where you can get paid by your fans for your nonspecifically ~content~"

( for info on the actual thing going on)

nuclear warning messages meme; capitalism 

*buries all money in a box and surrounds it with spikes*

This is not a place of honor
no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here
nothing valued is here

What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

thinking about wearing cute latex and having a cute full body mirror and being cute as fuck

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want the environment to be able to take advantage of that fact, too

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reaaaaaally feeling the Want for some cute lingerie that makes us feel hot

shower nudes, messing around, vaguely voyeur kink we suppose, eye contact 

just a little sequence of events thing, we guess~

begpost, birthday 

it's my birthday and i'm a student with a couple weeks left in the semester. if you want to fuel my iced coffee fixation, or buy me dinner, today's a great day to help a yeen out: #noxp


Human Domestication Guide Art!! 

View from a Terran Naval Intelligence recon drone as the light cruiser "Legacy of Prometheus" & it's crew are ensnared and captured by an unknown Affini Vessel

The recon drone went offline several hours later when the mothership "Silent Eye" was similarly captured.

This colossal warship (~2.2km long) is among the smaller vessels commonly employed by the Affini Compact

(gfycat mirror for maybe better quality! )

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various examples of sensory kink play stuff 

a talk at mff had someone demonstrate an estim toy that, when they touched it, didn't affect them, but made them shock others they touched, which they demo'd with a kiss to one of the other presenters, and that got the mental track rolling on all this

but also like, once our exes kept drinking very hot soup and shoving their tongue in our mouth so we suddenly had to contend with temperature

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thinkin' bout varied sensory kink play delivered by kisses

URGENT PDX housing request, boosts appreciated!! 


i have less than a week before i'm supposed to be out of my current place (homeowner is selling it in August) and I STILL do not have a place lined up so if anyone has a room, or heck. even a couch in the PDX area (or Beaverton) PLEASE let me know ASAP because I don't know what I'm gonna do otherwise!!

thank you so much in advance. i'm sorry for asking you guys this over twice now but i just need all the help i can get...

it's obvious that my living situation is extremely unhealthy and my roommates are the primary source.

my paypal is /@whiskwallet, i'll try to set up other stuff if anyone wants to help chip in with me paying for personal health expenses and moving the hell away from these people

i literally moved across the country with them and they're treating me horribly without even realizing it. it's unbearable, ngl

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