lewd, ec 

I might have just posted a two minutes long video of me sucking off a bad dragon dildo on my OF :3


lewd ec video 

ok, so here's the deal:

if you boost this video clip of the video and get it quasi trending I'm gonna post the entire two minutes here for free. Sounds good?

good ;* :retootPlz:​ :blobCatHeartTrans:​

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cheerily messaging my gf "kidnapping date, kidnapping date" is extremely cute of me

need to add more music to our collection and really just make a fun playlist of blatantly kinky songs

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putting an album on two different headmates' playlists because one of us is a massive sub and the other exclusively dommes

re: horny, feet 

like it'll just sorta catch me offguard while i'm having sex with someone

that or thinking about them doing similar and teasing us about how sensitive our soles are

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re: horny, feet 

multiple times recently i've just... really wanted to like. put someone's feet in my face

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horny, feet 

gods i really am way too into feet

it's been on my mind a lot in the past few days >///>

hrt, cum, ??? 

@lamb oh yep, that happened yesterday again for us, we find that sometimes if we cum particularly fast and don't edge much it happens

@PsyChuan my goto is to approach it from multiple angles. for example, i have an OC for a tabletop game i'm in, but she hasn't come up yet - but i also made my FFXIV character the same character, just in an AU, so i still get to think abt her outside the table

but also I'll write down all my ideas about a worldbuilding thing and then some days i make music about it, some days i write fic, some days i make 3d modeling, etc

mutual aid, emergency, SNAP issues 

I didn't get my SNAP today and I didn't know I wasn't going to get it

they closed my account for failure to fill out some form, which I didn't know about because I cannot regularly access my mailbox

I literally go once or twice a month because I can't walk there

I am panick sobbing because I have no food and I count on that 250 dollars to get it

I really need help, I'm sorry to ask again

paypal is bonemasque@gmai.com

cash app is $bonemasque

pls boost

@katherine i noted the kofi post says they're not sure if they can repair this part, so feel free to pass along this:

the casters (front smaller wheels) on most wheelchairs are a pretty standard replaceable part. it looks like the axle is intact and the caster's plastic is busted, so it should be a pretty easy replacement to unscrew the axle and swap in new. the diameter of the wheel is the key thing - 4-5 inch diameter is pretty common but you can usually buy them in a pair, so if you want to change diameters this would be a perfect time to do so (if they want an explanation of why changing diameters could be good lmk, i'm happy to infodump more)

there's a variety of places to get replacement casters, but if you want something nice, Volcanic Wheels in the US sells wheelchair casters, with a light-up-on-spin option for 5" being under $50: volcanicwheel.com/?product_cat

Hello, a friend's wheelchair has broken and they're currently raising money for a repair/replacement, any donations would be greatly appreciated


tech kink, biting, tentacles, probably gore adjacent at this point 

Honestly, this exact post but with a sharp pair of fangs

Or a thin fleshy tentacle, burrowing into the brain stem

Or the nano-wires of a command chip

There are options, is what I'm saying

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tech kink 

Gently shushing the poor thing as they whimper and whine, obediently holding still for the connector that inches closer to the port on the back of their neck

Telling them it'll all be easier soon - and then to hold still after they reflexively nod in understanding - as the cable slips in. They startle and shift, then slump over in their seat, eyes going blank, mind going blank.

re: petplay 

@lamb point is i wanna be talked to like this about my service pup

re: petplay 

@lamb this goes *really* well with the owner being visibly disabled, esp in a wheelchair

(given how often ableds ignore us and assume a companion is a caregiver, which, half right sometimes but come *on*)

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