intro, nudes 

just a little for the going around

we are Many, or the/a manifold mindmesh. we have other accounts around, and have been on here for a while. we're happy to give technical explanations and then go "yeah, it sucks"

this is our Main public-ish account now, and it's also the one where we'll be posting nudes and kink stuff and the like.

follow request as you please, but read our bio carefully!


we've got bodily confidence again and you get the benefits thereof ✨ remember to say "thank you"

selfie, no image description 

also the followup: hot, but in our jammies ready to never ever go out in this shirt so we give no one an impression we like a video game studio, and cozy in fleece pants

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selfie, eye contact, no image description 

got a shower, attempted a workout, not gonna push ourselves before we make a real breakfast but at least we look hot and tough

nudes in see thru lingerie, no image descs 

bonus round: round

seriously, we're wearing a thong specifically for a Reason,

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nudes in see thru lingerie, no image descs 

just really appreciating new pretty lingerie.
and a thong that OUR CLIT DOES NOT FALL OUT OF!!!

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risquΓ© selfie, eye contact, no image description 

the hat stays ON while the gunpla watches over us while we have sex

nude photo, our ass, no image description 

we'll get around to going through and posting a lot of pictures from the past couple weeks, but for now, enjoy this

re: no image descriptions 

since you made it this far, you can have Antalle with clothes, too

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re: no image descriptions, nude video game character 

just a couple more cute things from then :3

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goofy stuff re: nude video game character 

also, here's Antalle and @stroganoff's Mimi, and a fitting descriptive headline of the interaction

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no image description, nude video game character 

oh also here's our ffxiv lizard girl Antalle Cottar :3

nude photo + nude art, no image descriptions 

tryin' to do a thing where we practice drawing more, so, fuck it. here's a shitty traced sketch of our ass, as an

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