i put my hands near any of my partners' faces, and what do i have to show for it?
fucking bite marks

selfie and sockies, eye contact, ageplay kink and general horny energy 

this outfit is cute and right now it's creating vibes of "daddy's slutty little boy"

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selfies, eye contact 

we bought the cutest outfit at hot topic~! uwu :3

tits out Tuesday is any day i want, selfie, eye contact 

i feel bleh, additionally, behold our tits

barely suggestive selfie, eye contact, feet pics, :boost_ok:​ 

just feelin' cute~

monsterfucker bingo card 

someone was spreading these around on twitter again, figured i'd fill it out with how much i scribble or draw hearts as emphasis on the specific thing

butt pic, you are not immune to 3ds hacking propaganda 

fun fact: i'm almost as easy as it is to hack a 3ds, which anyone could probably do!


re: d/s kink, clothes 

the outfit is nothing special but i think that makes it more special tbh

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nude selfie, eye contact 

went to a witchy shop, bought some witchy things, showing them off in witchy ways

take two of these daily and you unlock another double jump after a while!

apparently if you have firefox installed from a package manager, you get this funny little text in the settings

used this to make yr friendly forest creature who you should trust totally completely yes okay anyway could i have your name?

shower nude 

had a cutie go to town on us the other night uwu

food pic 

baked pretzels! i had a sudden, unexplained urge to make a dough from scratch and memory with no precise measurements. turns out, doing it a few times learns you how to work by eye quite well

re: ffxiv 

I will never have to run this out of leveling necessity again.

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