our content warning scheme, :boost_no:​ 

okay so here's the deal!

we try to cw all kink posts with "kink" once, and then the specific kinks. some example cws we'll do could be:
"d/s kink"
"bloodplay, d/s kink"
but we won't do:
"bloodplay, d/s"

this way it's easy to filter our stuff out more broadly. we also use "-play" as a suffix more preferably for kinks, like "painplay" over "s/m"

we generally use the words "horny" or "lewd" as applicable. we're less and less comfy with the word "lewd" for personal reasons, so you'll probably see "horny" more, and sometimes just "sex". we're pretty descriptive/topic-driven with content warnings.

if we aren't cwing well and you need anything, you're welcome to tell us, and we'll also try to absorb and heed in mind any subposts and the like.

cool? cool!

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