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intro, nudes 

just a little for the going around

we are Many, or the/a manifold mindmesh. we have other accounts around, and have been on here for a while. we're happy to give technical explanations and then go "yeah, it sucks"

this is our Main public-ish account now, and it's also the one where we'll be posting nudes and kink stuff and the like.

follow request as you please, but read our bio carefully!

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on image descriptions :boost_no: 

we are disabled and often cannot write image descriptions. we try to, moreso for publicly posted stuff, and we understand how necessary they are, but it is genuinely a conflict of access needs.

we will cw with "no image description", so if you never wanna see a post without them, that should be a reliable thing to filter.

if you *can* write them and end up wanting to for any of our posts, we will always redraft with your description attached and credit you in the post, as long as you want. and thank you, if you do ✨

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extremely cool to be insane plural cripple queers, actually. just so yall know :::3

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boundaries pin! :boost_no:​ 

❌ Don't:
- @ us with ableist bullshit, or put it on our feed
- roleplay-touch us without prompt
- give us unsolicited advice - but feel free to ask if we'd like some
- tell us to go to bed

✔️ Do:
- ask to flirt or hit on us, we'll probably say yes, but asking, much like DMing with a follow request, is a good way for us to know that you're being careful.
- boost whatever's boostable, especially any nudes
- ask about roleplay, if we've already talked a bit
- go through prior posts and "favebomb", peruse the media tab, especially if you're following already
- address system members individually if you like (see our main for proper bios of them)
- ask for CWs

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our content warning scheme, :boost_no:​ 

okay so here's the deal!

we try to cw all kink posts with "kink" once, and then the specific kinks. some example cws we'll do could be:
"d/s kink"
"bloodplay, d/s kink"
but we won't do:
"bloodplay, d/s"

this way it's easy to filter our stuff out more broadly. we also use "-play" as a suffix more preferably for kinks, like "painplay" over "s/m"

we generally use the words "horny" or "lewd" as applicable. we're less and less comfy with the word "lewd" for personal reasons, so you'll probably see "horny" more, and sometimes just "sex". we're pretty descriptive/topic-driven with content warnings.

if we aren't cwing well and you need anything, you're welcome to tell us, and we'll also try to absorb and heed in mind any subposts and the like.

cool? cool!

re: ffxiv 

I will never have to run this out of leveling necessity again.

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Bard is at 46, dragoon at 47, the rest of my classes & jobs are level 50 and up. Including crafters.

Fuck yes.

Actually forgot to update and mention that I already have gotten my reupped my prescription (which was like $60) and have been already charged, I'm just worried about the other bills i have next week (about $90 total) and food~!

As usual anything and everything is appreciated~$melaniemoo


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nonsense, kink 

email confidentiality notices in the signature as a kink thing somehow

communication, gender 

@wmd This design is by someone who sells it on Redbubble, for folks who replied wanting shirts and such. Their shop is at

-picks up our bass, fiddles with it a while, fucks around, goes "our hands are tired, let's stop"-

-walks over to desk. sits down. picks up ukulele-

w/ some buttons that dont show up on stream as like, controls for me

in-engine lighting for the stream view

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obs outputting (presumably to a file that then goes) to a little godot engine thing with some camera angles and a little 3d model of a CRT in a like, room, and then that outputs its camera feed to ffmpeg

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So this is both a PSA and it's redacted so something you could use for teaching ... any kind of info / communication /etc

This is NOT my result, this is a good friend's result that they were sharing on Twitter. Quest's COVID PCR test result layout is... really bad design, doubly-so to get when you're feeling sick. Like just... holy bad.

icky body stuff and the treatment thereof 

i finally have my hands on some much-needed doctor-reccommended hemmorhoid cream

let's see if it helps i guess, i'd rather prefer it did

Transition, Hormones, Lactation 

Hey babes. I’d like to hear from any trans femmes who have attempted to or gotten breast milk to happen. Looking into this myself but don’t know where to start. Thanks.

Salut les chéris. J'aimerais avoir des nouvelles de toutes les femmes trans qui ont tenté ou obtenu du lait maternel. Je regarde cela moi-même mais je ne sais pas par où commencer. Merci.

[NSFW] nudity, spread legs, ec 

*Insert witty joke about a tasty snack waiting for Mix here*

I guess Pixi wanted to surprise Mix with something special :blobfoxsipowo:

#FurryArt #PinUp

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