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horny, silly 

software should take a few lessons from us and be incredibly usable & cute

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on image descriptions :boost_no: 

we are disabled and often cannot write image descriptions. we try to, moreso for publicly posted stuff, and we understand how necessary they are, but it is genuinely a conflict of access needs.

we will cw with "no image description", so if you never wanna see a post without them, that should be a reliable thing to filter.

if you *can* write them and end up wanting to for any of our posts, we will always redraft with your description attached and credit you in the post, as long as you want. and thank you, if you do ✨

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extremely cool to be insane plural cripple queers, actually. just so yall know :::3

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boundaries pin! :boost_no:​ 

❌ Don't:
- @ us with ableist bullshit, or put it on our feed
- roleplay-touch us without prompt
- give us unsolicited advice - but feel free to ask if we'd like some
- tell us to go to bed

βœ”οΈ Do:
- ask to flirt or hit on us, we'll probably say yes, but asking, much like DMing with a follow request, is a good way for us to know that you're being careful.
- boost whatever's boostable, especially any nudes
- ask about roleplay, if we've already talked a bit
- go through prior posts and "favebomb", peruse the media tab, especially if you're following already
- address system members individually if you like (see our main for proper bios of them)
- ask for CWs

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our content warning scheme, :boost_no:​ 

okay so here's the deal!

we try to cw all kink posts with "kink" once, and then the specific kinks. some example cws we'll do could be:
"d/s kink"
"bloodplay, d/s kink"
but we won't do:
"bloodplay, d/s"

this way it's easy to filter our stuff out more broadly. we also use "-play" as a suffix more preferably for kinks, like "painplay" over "s/m"

we generally use the words "horny" or "lewd" as applicable. we're less and less comfy with the word "lewd" for personal reasons, so you'll probably see "horny" more, and sometimes just "sex". we're pretty descriptive/topic-driven with content warnings.

if we aren't cwing well and you need anything, you're welcome to tell us, and we'll also try to absorb and heed in mind any subposts and the like.

cool? cool!

horny pouting 

it got actually mildly chilly here finally, and we're curled up in a ball under blankets and thinking about getting groped

but we don't actually get to have that and this is unreasonable

request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

hi all!

so, we're finally fucking moving by the end of this month (aaaaaaa)

we get some income from doing freelance contract projects for software dev and accessibility work, and we have some savings, but, like. extra income is always welcomed, especially when steadier through things like patreon, because we're disabled and the inability to work consistently is always looming over us, plus just, moving costs, medical costs, groceries, all of the things.

so like, short version, we'll be scraping by okay but like if you want to help out or spread this around, we'd appreciate it has all the ways you can support us, like patreon and paypal, with a wishlist. enter offer code 69!

we do digital glitch art, with commission info at

we release music rarely and you can download it for free at and consider tipping above if you like

hey, check out my band for people who fuck flowers. we're called the sex pistils

selfie with tits out, no eye contact or image description 

our tits hold our shirt up ;w;

Financial assistance request, boosts appreciated 

So I'm not getting paid until next week cuz my boss is having trouble with a new payment method. We're down by around Β£80 and once again need that for food and to pay the electric bill (which we owe two months on) I also need travel money for a retinal screening appointment this week

My commissions are still open too!

If anyone can help us out again it would be much appreciated!

Cashapp Β£tinygerblin

So far I have 10 videos for sale, 1 free video, a paid photoset, and 8 assorted photos on my MV profile~

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selfie with tits out, no eye contact or image description 

our tits hold our shirt up ;w;

bathtime feet kink vid, much more horny, nudity, tits, eye contact, no video description 

andddd have us maybe getting uh, particularly into it,

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shirtless selfie, tits out, no image description, vape 


nudes in very skimpy lingerie/"swimwear", no image description, eye contact, ass and tits and genitals 

ready for like, a pool party or something gay like that uwu

bikini selfies, eye contact, no image descriptions 

and some gratuitous pics as per standard here, taken when we got back

boost our ass, if you like, etc

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feet and leggies in shiny socks, hints of underwear, boosts n thirst welcome 

hi we found our shiny socks again and they're cute

violent painplay kink re: d/s, worship kink, shoes, feet 

and that's not even getting into kicking someone or stepping on them and pressing the heel down and hearing them sing with pain~

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d/s, worship kink, shoes, feet 

it's just the kind of attire that makes you think people should be on their hands and knees and worshipping you and begging for the privilege of taking them off you, yk?

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ordered some super cute boots, having kink thoughts about them immediately

For Those Needing to Migrate from Only Fans, etc 

Another list comparing different sites for adult content creators

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For Those Needing to Migrate from Only Fans, etc 

A tweet containing a Google doc by Sophie Ladder about what sites do/don’t allow adult content and what type of content
Sophie’s doc

re: onlyfans, blugh 

@manifold fuck the payment processors, fuck the banks, fuck the moral crusades

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