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horny, silly 

software should take a few lessons from us and be incredibly usable & cute

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on image descriptions :boost_no: 

we are disabled and often cannot write image descriptions. we try to, moreso for publicly posted stuff, and we understand how necessary they are, but it is genuinely a conflict of access needs.

we will cw with "no image description", so if you never wanna see a post without them, that should be a reliable thing to filter.

if you *can* write them and end up wanting to for any of our posts, we will always redraft with your description attached and credit you in the post, as long as you want. and thank you, if you do ✨

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extremely cool to be insane plural cripple queers, actually. just so yall know :::3

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boundaries pin! :boost_no:​ 

❌ Don't:
- @ us with ableist bullshit, or put it on our feed
- roleplay-touch us without prompt
- give us unsolicited advice - but feel free to ask if we'd like some
- tell us to go to bed

βœ”οΈ Do:
- ask to flirt or hit on us, we'll probably say yes, but asking, much like DMing with a follow request, is a good way for us to know that you're being careful.
- boost whatever's boostable, especially any nudes
- ask about roleplay, if we've already talked a bit
- go through prior posts and "favebomb", peruse the media tab, especially if you're following already
- address system members individually if you like (see our main for proper bios of them)
- ask for CWs

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our content warning scheme, :boost_no:​ 

okay so here's the deal!

we try to cw all kink posts with "kink" once, and then the specific kinks. some example cws we'll do could be:
"d/s kink"
"bloodplay, d/s kink"
but we won't do:
"bloodplay, d/s"

this way it's easy to filter our stuff out more broadly. we also use "-play" as a suffix more preferably for kinks, like "painplay" over "s/m"

we generally use the words "horny" or "lewd" as applicable. we're less and less comfy with the word "lewd" for personal reasons, so you'll probably see "horny" more, and sometimes just "sex". we're pretty descriptive/topic-driven with content warnings.

if we aren't cwing well and you need anything, you're welcome to tell us, and we'll also try to absorb and heed in mind any subposts and the like.

cool? cool!

re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

continued update:

we have, like, some amount of freelance web design income, but not much - we can scrape together what we need to help out. if anyone could take in a disabled system, ideally either near the chicago area (we'd prefer to end up there) or somewhere nearish to atlanta (currently in the area as is), we'd appreciate it.

our parents that we're stuck with are going to be moving to a new house through the month of May, and we will be pulled into helping with this in ways we cannot physically handle, and we already know they're not considering us and our wheelchair and fucked leg at all, given they're picking out entirely multi-story homes.

if you wanna help us out with income, is the way to go, and recurrent donation methods, mainly Patreon, go a long way towards making us sure we're kinda stable.

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kink, BDSM, serious potential injuries (or worse) 

Normalize asking your Dominant how much research they’ve done into safety and proper technique before agreeing to let them do a potentially dangerous kink with you.

They wanna choke you? Make sure they know how not to give you brain damage before they try it. They wanna tie you up? Make sure they understand blood circulation and how to avoid causing fucking necrosis. They wanna beat you up? Make sure they know where your kidneys are, and other spots to avoid.

Oh and uh, normalize prenegotiation!!!

no context, voice chat quote 

"i will fuck your motorcycle, because it *is* arcee"

full depth vaginoplasty trans resource request, :boost_ok: 

hey, a friend of ours is having a lot of worry about how her end results are going to look. her surgeon never really gave her pictures of the healing process, and just basically told her she can't really judge how it looks until it's better healed up in about three months.

does anyone have resources where people have shared pics of theirs while it's healing, or otherwise ways to help her either know she should be worried or be more sure things are going fine?

period feelings, horny and painplay kink and food 

we have four thoughts today
1. wow, this thong is comfy
2. damn we're restless and wanna make stuff
3. these cramps are hell and we will kill god
4. we want to grab someone and beat them up, sit on their face, and make them make us food, in whatever order is most convenient

risque selfie, eye contact, no image description, visible bra 

so the new bra fits~

risque selfie, eye contact, no image description, visible bra 

so the new bra fits~

Hypnokink, bondage, nudity, drawing 

The most interesting job training video they've ever seen I bet~

re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

so, an update, we're getting hit with a lot of pressure to get a job and move out, and we really can't stay at our parents'.

monetary support still welcome (, but also, if anyone in the atlanta metro area (or, within a reasonable driving distance of that, or longer if you're willing to help us get the Hell out of this state, we don't have a car ourselves) has space for a disabled queer plural system to stay, that'd be great. we don't have much income, and don't expect to be able to help out much with rent, but. we have some savings if it comes to it.

we're, you know, in the works of trying to find some work and/or get on disability, but there's a strong chance we either don't find anything remote we can do, or if we do, we'll burn out fast or otherwise not hold onto it for long, and that we don't qualify for SSI.

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help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

hiya! so we've had things unpinned and this has been less focal for a bit, mostly because our entire life has been a Thing lately and the stress of internalized ableism and classism was not a good addition at the time.

if you'd like to support us, links to our patreon, paypal, cashapp, and a wishlist are on

currently we're stuck living with our abusive parents again, who we previously planned to cut contact with, and we will be stuck with them for... an unknown amount of time.

the house is very inaccessible, being a three story place while we use a cane and wheelchair for chronic leg pain, and we have no bedroom so we're sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. we don't really currently have a great way out of this situation.

the most direct thing is that if we have enough income to actually support ourselves, there's the potential to move out, but otherwise it's all kinda
-big shrug- rn. but even in the short term, maintaining financial independence for things like keeping up our own phone plan, getting meds, buying groceries for ourselves when our parents are dismissive of our needs, and ordering food when we can't cook, are really useful.

please, though, do make sure your own oxygen mask (that is to say, ability to survive) is affixed before helping us out at all. thanks, y'all.

in city of heroes, some psychic attacks make a noise that could only have an onomotapoeia of "doink" and we like that

(misleading cw joke) nsfw 


re: bra sizing talk 

'kay, put in the exchange request for a 40A, hopefully that ends up good

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bra sizing talk 

yeah, it feels like there's still a bit of space between tit and cup and it's not really quite right yet?

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underwear mirror selfies, some eye contact, no image descriptions 

will say, we're uh, not displeased with the thong and how it looks on us and stuff. it's kinda comfy and honestly is staying. maybe we'll wear it mork often than thought

also just... huh, yeah, we look pretty fucking sexy sometimes? not a word we use often

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update: we got our thirdlove bra. gonna find the time to yk, really feel out how it fits, but for now it's sitting after a quicker try-on

obscured nudity in city of heroes screenshot, no image description 

we may or may not have a dedicated "technically, not quite nude, but looks close to it" costume for our character. also this is aesthetic as heck.


i hop, you hop, we all hop for bunny cock!


i hop, you hop, we all hop for bunny cock!

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