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| day 14/15: sexuality


no uh

we're all over the place

overall we just ID as bisexual but some of us are gay or lesbians. we're all pretty a-spec but shrugs

zagreus: *hovering patiently*
me: go away
zagreus: *breathing heavily*

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pokemons good because you can like. instead of killing enemies you convince them to join you and become part of your wrestling stable. in the end the main character turns out to have acquired everything and built such an incredible empire that he later shows up living in a mountain and appears to have completely lost it. like vince mcmahon

| day 12/13: religion

again, not sure what to say about this myself

ace is a devout kemetic devoted to Set and Sobek and a few others

fell is devoted to Heru-sa-Aset and i think abel is interested in kemeticism as well but i haven't seen abel in ages so ... i dunno

there are some of us that have a non-earthly religion. theyre devoted to different gods but most notably the goddess of the deep sea



i'm not religious at all

| day 10/11: splitting

like the BPD kind?

nah uh. i think ace is the one with the most splits. i don't really have much to say on this subject myself lmao

i think the non-fictives split more than the fictives. whatever

| day 8/9: appearance

all of our looks are pretty much the same as 'in canon' except we dress differently in headspace

no more hawaiian shirts for me

i'd say like ... outwardly, with the body's appearance, we don't really 'match' anyone. all of us have differing degrees of dysphoria about the body. we're looking to fix it though.

hopefully we can get on t soon

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plurality shitpost 

broke: "discussed with my headmates"
woke: "the council has convened"

sex work 

lmao having to hook on an urgent basis

love it

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making a very serious country album but the last song is something super suss like 'the feet of the lord'

i can stage a mutiny and put myself down there probably

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put doppo down as our favorite character 😂​ i wanted to put samatoki but i wasn't allowed

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uhhh hypster update

i'm now a part of the hypster club that supports hypnosis mic

| day 6/7: system/member names

we've had the name magicant for forever and it's honestly such a good name for us

if you're unfamiliar magicant is a dream location in the mother series and it fuckin rules

but as for individual names we used to go by our 'canon' names but most of us have stopped and picked up other names for a couple reasons

part of the reason is because we're trying to move past the fictive thing if we can. it's just not something we focus on anymore, like ... sure it's part of me to be samatoki aohitsugi but that's not all of me

so i'm just sage

nah mean

| day 4/5: communication

we communicate ... ok ... i think

there's the whole 'peanut gallery' bullshit that many systems or whatever deal with. sometimes (most times) someone will chime in and we won't even notice them there, not sure what that's about

we do have a private discord server just for us for reminders and stuff

and we were keeping a journal at one point to keep others in the loop when they fronted

i think it's something we can improve on

| day 2/3: inner world

a mess

but no really it's not crowded or anything, it's just strange and labyrinthine

it started out -- this was before i got here -- as a foggy, black space and then evolved into this giant island with a certain boat docked at it. most of us live on the boat but some live on the island.

mood and mental state dictates what the sky looks like, but usually it's sunny and bright. sad means rain, snow means a lot of us are asleep or just checking out for a while.

a galaxy in the sky -- very close, looks like you could reach out and touch it -- means our headmate spacey is back from wherever the fuck they go when they go, or that we're having an intense psychosis time

that's about it? idk maybe it's more like that's all i'm willing to share lol it's a lot

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