i was anxious about doing rp things but it's never as bad as we think its going to be but that's ... really hard to remember

i've been reading the inheritance cycle lmao

re: negative 

i feel like a fucking leper or something sometimes

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crowdfunding for cat surgery 

I feel a little guilty calling attention to it at all, but @catgoat was kind enough to handle the crowdfunding for me, so yeah – Sadie my precious marshmallow has entropion in both eyes, meaning the lower lids are curling inward, which can lead to cornea damage and eventual blindness. It already caused an infection in one eye before the vet figured out what’s happening.

She’s going in for surgery next week and it’s more than we can afford right now. :( I’m so very thankful for any amount donated.

Details from previous boost just in case: "You can donate by sending to my cash app tag at $itsgoats or if you have PayPal or venmo I (@catgoat) can get my partners info for ya. We’ve got ~100 ish USD out of ~580 USD”


i miss community but i don't miss being ignored

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🌙 my strongest pronouns would kill you, traveler. you cannot handle my strongest pronouns

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please boost :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

I really hate to do this again but my wife @penelope and I are in a really tight spot right now. We have several large bills coming up soon and Penny is still out of work so we don't have enough money to cover all of them. If anyone could help us out that would be greatly appreciated ❤️

PayPal: paypal.me/fairladyz
Venmo: @fairlady_z

Bitcoin: 1PzTaqmKPX84BmCLRWX6SQ52ox7WDu81Lf
Ethereum: 0x0cf493284115BFB7AAd788ad58e01085f7A39222
Litecoin: LhyF87PxopXNi9i74iD2DJzhsLSmghbT5y
Monero: 89MTBYa2VMr5GvMf4PCzTyi4YvJh7h2h1J6bL2j1EHcmAzRTBApsqdibVjDDhQHce4FMDzFPP6FA62bjczSfDGxC4LWFNgg

might fuck around and make my own server

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Watching the medical model of plurality collapse has been just an absolute joyful experience and we've been so full of so many emotions

Science really has no fucking clue why plural people are plural, there's no rules or expectations anymore, we can all do whatever the fuck we want

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Volunteers Needed to Help Afghan Refugees! :boost_ok: 

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is calling for volunteers to support incoming Afghan Allies, Special Immigrant Visa holders, who are being evacuated to the United States. Afghan Allies are currently arriving near Seattle, DC and Texas.

If you are able to volunteer your time to help with services like airport pick-ups, apartment set-ups, or bringing a meal, please sign-up at the link below!


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gonna fix up the profile. in the meantime are there any discord servers out there for large systems lol

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| day 18/19: coming out

hasn't worked well for us lmfao that's all i wanna say on that subject

| day 16/17: gender identity

we mostly present as masc but do femme for SW purposes only. a lot of the guys in magicant front and the girls manage headspace and the littles

that's sort of it, we're pretty simple

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