🌈almost forgot about being real for a while oops but i am here now

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coming back home and petting the catgirls

🍎 did you know i used to have a typing quirk with the letter e after vs where i would type it vè

🍎 we can all pretend that initially lilly didn't redo the eyes at any point in time right

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🌈you ever follow someone specifically to meow at them
🍎i mostly follow them bc i think they're cute
🌈that too..😳

🌈sometimes i have like latency to access knowledge or memories
🍎same, sometimes it's actually like really disorienting

🌈ok when someone says their pronouns why do they say "neopronouns"
like ok thats great but which ones
do i just choose MY favorite ones?

🌈interesting how when cofronting our personalities blend just a little bit

@AgathaSorceress 🌈 US thunderstorms are so scary tbh
even the rain is ridiculously loud, not even mentioning the thunder
and the occasional threat of tornadoes

@AgathaSorceress 🌈true though
when i say sleep with someone i mean i wanna cuddle up next to someone and fall asleep in their arms

🌈why am i specifically so agoraphobic and...mirror-phobic?

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