🌈why cant everyone in the world agree to just vibe
who even needs society tbh

🍎if i hypothetically were to, though, she would not respond with that one "yes dear" meme

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🍎i definitely did not and would not bother lilly about making me a pfp

🌈ik this is a system acc but tbh it's mostly just my account but the others can post on here if they want
🍎and i will USE THAT RIGHT

🌈the world is absolutely not ready for plural people to exist and that really sucks

didn't make a pfp yet but idc introduction time

we are the maestoso system, endogenic of unknown origin

the host is lilly who is banned from this account bc she has her own

i'm zoey and i was the one who pushed for making this acc, but the others might use it too

there's like 5 of us active

here's some bios:

🌈: me (zoey), she/her, no actual gender or sexuality but incredibly queer, makes memes
🍎: véria, she/they, pan, genuinely just really hot
⭐: connie, she/her, protector, extremely motherly
💜: mira, they/them, another protector and does like the actually important stuff
in replies i'll add more if they show up or if i forgot any

gonna make an intro post in like 3 hours once i figure out (draw) a pfp for this account

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.