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As a EU citizen living abroad in another EU country I want to register for vote for the EU Parliament elections 2019 in my host country. Specifically in Germany.

I found this:

It's not very helpful since there's no link to a form or even contact information to a bureau handling these registrations. If you know what exactly one must do to register for vote, please tell me. Otherwise please RT!


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Horn fragt sich ob ihr diesen Valentienstag dazu genutzt habt jemanden euer Herz zu schenken? (Und diese Karte ausgefüllt habt)

is a German hashtag that is supposed to propagate knowledge about a woman: is a hero to me. She is the inventress of Sci-Hub, which is ethically controversial, but enables a lot of people to participate in scientific discourse.

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@sophia debian is just ubuntu with more outdated packages send toot

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Roses are dead
Violets are dead
Everything's dead
Climate change

Opinions on Mail clients and calendar applications:

I'm getting a bit fed up by thunderbird - is it even a good idea to have mail and calendar (lightning) in one place? if not, what would be good alternatives to both?

"The word polyamory was first coined in the 1960s and literally means “many loves” in Latin."

Eh, funny. I learnt that "many" is "multi" in , but I might be wait, I'm not wrong. I think you're referring to the word πολύς "much, many".

(yeah I know, the article is ancient for internet relations)

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I've just help with a release of my favourite pastebin application "fb-client" by doing the developer the favour of installing and quickly testing one package. Took me literally only ~3 min. Now a new version is on its way and I was involved in its creation. That's a beautiful moment.

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Any body who can help / mentor with #creative work ?

I still being slow in creative work output.

Talking to someone which expertise helps me.

Please free to boost as much as possible
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uspol, orientalism 

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I can't cook because my child is grappling my legs.

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Facebook is evil, disguting privacy violations 

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Right to bear arms? Leave the poor bears alone you shit, they have rights too #SayNoToLimbTheft #PETA

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#Posteo zur heutigen Entscheidung des BVerfG

„Wir werden nicht … beginnen, die IP-Adressen unserer unbescholtenen Kundinnen und Kunden zu loggen“

(Es geht nicht um unsere Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen #Vorratsdatenspeicherung.)

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