[FR/EN] Transfem HRT injections calculator -- please boost 🔄 


TransfemScience just published a very very effective online simulator of estradiol levels for estradiol injections, based on the esther (valerate, enanthate, cypionate ...), dose and interval you want to use.

As far as estradiol enanthate goes, the predictions are very close to the ~20 blood tests I've had since February 2020 (to estimate these same curves and verify they were stable) but I've had them by subcutaneous injection, whereas the tool only approximates results for intramuscular in theory. However, of course, your personal results will vary based on many variables that can't be implemented in the simulation.

The simulation data are based off an informal meta-analysis also published by TransfemScience.




Le site TransfemScience vient de publier un simulateur de taux d'estradiol pour les produits injectables, où vous pouvez faire varier l'esther (valerate, enanthate, cypionate ...) ainsi que la dose et l'intervalle d'injection.

Dans le cas de l'estradiol enanthate, les prédictions sont conformes à la vingtaine de tests sanguins que j'ai fait depuis février 2020 (justement pour estimer ces courbes et contrôler leur stabilité), mais je fais mes injections en sous-cutané et le calculateur n'affiche que des estimations pour les injections intramusculaires. Cependant, de toute évidence, des résultats individuels varient selon de nombreux facteurs qui ne peuvent être pris en compte dans une telle simulation.

Les données qui ont permis la création de cet outil proviennent d'une méta-analyse informelle, elle aussi publiée par TransfemScience.

Le thread de Julie parce que merci à elle:

cool, the curve for my cycle is exactly what I expected it to be based on my own reviews of the literature. but it's nice to have somebody else confirming I understood this correct ^.^ incidentally today is crescent moon so it's injection day~

@elilla these are really beautiful curves m'am 🥰
Are you already following this schedule ?

@elilla nice ! I guess it's a bit early to give a feedback about the way your body reacts through the month ? Do know about other people who tried (or even shared experiences) about this rythm of injections ?
I'm really interested, might follow the way 🤭

@lorialet @elilla
(I am curious about the goal and effects of that rythm, if I may ask :blobpeek: )

@lorialet I have to be honest and admit I'm not seeing much difference from when I did spray (6x/day on scrotum for ca. 300pg/mL E2). transition is progressing, but it was already.

a funny effect I noticed is that I get some breast sensitivity on new moons (no E2) rather than full moons (peak E2) as I expected. this has been consistent every time, pump them full of estrogen and they seem to react when the E2 is _gone_. I wanted to try cycling because of discussions on r/estrogel on positive results from rest periods, but they recommend at least 2 weeks rest. in the interests of science I might try a full month rest at some point...

@IngaLovinde @lorialet yeah true makes sense in a way, flashes are usually when low on both. but you got them when you restarted. I wonder if temporary FSH/LH spikes are involved—people on the subreddit posted an article that these may be involved in fast pubertal breast growth

@elilla @lorialet or maybe I got them after my body decided that I was running without both for too long (2 weeks), and that coincided with me resuming E...

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