"Well, you're only human."


-Work for 12-16 hours a day
-Sleep for 8
-Do chores/daily upkeep of body and home for 2, if schedule allows
"So what do you do in your free time?"
"people have free time???"

I should go back to working on making GW2 functional on my Ubuntu PC.

But I'm lazy.

re: kin biz. vague reference to abuse 

kin biz 

@vivianriver2017 We call ourselves median because when someone fronts it is either
a) more like the identity of the body's mind changing, and not like one mind taking a backseat while another mind takes over.
or b) very blendy.
I don't think we fully fit the median model of being many masks of one person, since we are mostly our own people, but it's a term that describes how we interact with the outside world.

We can officially see. Gonna impress everyone by reading small letters from far away.:thumbs_up_clw_g1:​

New glasses day. Now we might be able to finally play all these newfangled console games with itty bitty text and a UI built for ants.

An espresso machine is honestly the best food/beverage investment one could make, but Boy Is It Ever An Investment.

🔶️Hi I'm Luce! I'm part of a system, and .
-gryphon and goblin kin
-median system
-likes crochet, gaming, and writing
-interested in plurality, alterhumanity, looking at other people's art, and creations, and animism.

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