Us: logs on
Aster: "It's been a while, I should check what my emoji is..."
Our profile: hasn't been updated since 2019, ~40 new members ago
Aster: "Hmm. That's a problem."

So I guess that's what I'm doing this evening?

...We might give up on using emoji, honestly.

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#Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking - ProPublica

"The practical result of the change is that the DoubleClick ads that follow people around on the web may now be customized to them based on your name and other information Google knows about you. It also means that Google could now, if it wished to, build a complete portrait of a user by name, based on everything they write in email, every website they visit and the searches they conduct."

#FuckGoogle #DropGoogle #infosec #surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism

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I have a hard time explaining this to people. Even my therapist
RT @therichiewhite
I don't know how I didn't see this in myself until now

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image description:

High Functioning Anxiety

What You See vs
-> What They're Experiencing
Detail oriented
-> Overthinking
-> People pleasing
-> Inability to slow down
Super helpful
-> Trouble saying no
-> Fear of failure
Performs under pressure
-> Procrastination or overplanning
-> Poor boundaries

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i was talking to a friend about past life stuff and we were like "we wish we had a soul name, something to identify ourselves through all our different lifetimes"

"ah, so we need to figure out our gamer tag"

@starfall 🏳️‍🌈 we're realizing a lot of us technically are too. 's kind of a weird feeling, since it happened like 20 years ago n' we're only remembering details now

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voting take, electoralism 

I'm not voting for Joe Biden in a million years. During the Obama campaign in which he was vice president for the us government desecrated entire communities in Syria and Iraq with his usage of drone strikes. In 2016 alone over 25000 bombs were dropped all over the middle East. At any time Biden had the power to stop it, to say no to the merciless mass slaughter of thousands but he didn't. During his campaign the us also deported five million people away from their homes and voted to authorize the war in Iraq. He also oppposed school desegregation when he was in office in the state of Delaware. If Biden was born anywhere else but the us he'd be considered an international symbol of evil

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Dear fellow white people:

"White" and "normal" aren't synonyms.

Get used to the idea that you are one among an infinite selection of variations on a theme, and that MOST of those selections don't look, believe, or behave like you.

You are not normal. You are not better. You are just you.


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🏳️‍🌈 Discord: comes back online
Activity on our feed: stops

@kaminohana 🌷 Thanks, we're glad to be here! Y'all seem great.

@BoxSystem 🌷 Thanks for the welcome! We're happy to be here, it seems like a nice place so far.

@starfall 🏳️‍🌈 sometimes we realize that we're somehow the stereotypical leftist gay transfemme programmer despite actually being 15+ people and just kinda have to process that for a bit lmao

@copice 🌷 Oh, hey! We're new to the instance too (and Mastodon in general I guess) but new plural friends are always good. We're Lili, I'm Liz, it's nice to meet you all.

🌼 I suppose I'll write our .

🌼 We're Liliana, and we've known we're a system for about 6 months now. I'm Ami. Our body is 27 years old, and we're still debating a name for the body. Liliana was our online name and the one we've continued to use as a system name. We don't really have one clearly defined host; a few of us tend to pass around the role. We're leftists.

✍️ We're also *giant nerds* and most of our online presence is on Discord; we heard about from there and decided to check it out. Discord's great, but it's not exactly social media proper and we've not got the patience for a lot of the sites. This seemed like a more chill place than most, and as leftists employed as a software developer the whole model of it is appealing.

🌷 We're going to share an account since there's usually at least a couple of us co-conscious with whoever's fronting, so like,,, this'll be what we all use, some more than others. We'll do individual intros later I guess.

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.