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⚜️ Let's blow off work and go run deliveries
β™‘ No! We're supposed to be at work!
⚜️ That's why it's *blowing it off*, dork
β™‘ *grumble*

β™‘ Hello to you as well
πŸ₯ hi :3

🐺 *whispering* especially if we can cuddle them

β™‘ Yes sorry, I didn't mean to wake you
🐺 But, cuties?
β™‘ Yeah
🐺 It's always okay to wake me for cuties :3

β™‘ Just had this image of Daski sitting at a makeshift stall with a little hand-drawn sign that says "free mom hugs"
🐲 :3

β™‘ Nasha gets snuggly when she's tired~

Convo and question! 

β™‘ *raises an eyebrow* When's your birthday?
🐺 Uh...

🐺 Okay but like... WHAT IF... I'm really good and it's for my birthday?

β™‘ See?
🐺 Yeah yeah yeah okay fine

πŸ‘ Okay πŸ‘ I πŸ‘ see πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ problem

πŸ‘ Wait πŸ‘ also πŸ‘ Daski

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